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I've got a plan!

The plan is to buy a Betta, maybe if I'm lucky soon.

So I want to place the special baby in a ten gallon tank. But I have a few questions. You can say I'm inexperienced fish owner, but have owned fish before, that's why I have so many questions.

1. I have a 10 gallon tank, glass and a 3 gallon. Is it okay to place the Betta in the ten gallon instead of the 3 gallon, I was wondering if it was too big? If I can I would rather have a bigger space for him, and it would look nicer and be easier to clean up and such be able to have a filter.

2. Can I add a filter to the 10 gallon tank without making the Betta have a hard time Swimming? I tried adding a filter in with the 3 gallon but it made it hard to swim so I was wondering if that will be a problem with my ten gallon tank? If it is that I should get a different filter type, I have a Tetra Whisper filter.

3. Can I add a air pump with the ten gallon tank and the filter, without making it hard for the Betta to swim? I don't know if that thing is totally necessary but if it is that I would like to know if I can add it in. I'm pretty sure it adds air bubbles for the fish to eat.

4. How much plants and stuff can I add, if so will that be any help for the Betta. Or will it make it harder to clean, I was wondering because I like the look of plants in with the fish.. A lot of them.

5. Does anyone know of a descent website that could answer any of my questions when I get my Betta, for like sickness and stuff just so I'm on the ball and can cure anything if so quick.

THANKS in advance great people of this forum!

-- Alexis
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You can put a betta in either tank. They are both a good size.

You can put a filter in, and it shouldn't be too much of a problem. If it creates too much of a flow you can always lessen the flow by using one of the methods people on this site use.

An air pump isn't needed, but you can put one in your tank. It shouldn't cause too much of a problem.

I just started using live plants, and it hasn't created a problem for me yet. I only have four plants in my tank though. is a very good website with lots of help. This forum is good too :D We try to help out to the best of our abilities. might help you out too (lots of pages of help, advice, and pictures)
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I think you should go with the ten gallon! The bigger the better! Just make sure you have plenty of hiding spaces and a heater. Make sure that if ou use fake plants, they are not stiff enough for the betta to get stuck in, and make sure that none of your decor is too pointy
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A filter makes it very easy to clean your tank. If it's not adjustable, it may be a little hard for your betta to swim. You can make a baffler for your filter, or put some pantyhose on the intake tube to reduce the suction.

An air pump isn't needed. Some bettas like it, while others don't. It depends on your betta.

The more plants, the better. Your betta will appreciate places to go hide.
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