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Sorry More Questions

For our betta when we finally do get him I am wondering a few things.
When we get plants do we wash them before putting them in the tank?
Gravel or marbles wash before putting them in?
If yes what do you wash them with and how often do you wash them?
Did you wash your tank when you first got it or did you buy it set it up and add the stuff for the water and go from there?
I know we need to test the water is one test better then others?

Thanks, I know I have a lot of questions but this is a present for our daughter's 5th birthday so I want to be completely prepared.
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That's great that you're asking these questions before you get a betta. We recommend getting a tank of 2.5Gs or more. You should wash everything before you put it in. Don't use soap, just warm water. A lot of people on here recommend the API test strips. You could also bring a sample of your water to your pet store for them to test. Make sure to get silk plants that are soft so they don't rip his fins. They also love hiding places. You could make one (coffee mug or terra cotta pot?) or buy one. If you don't use the filter, you'll have to do more water changes. If you get a 2.5G it will have to be cleaned at least once a week 100%. I clean mine twice a week because I want them to be in the cleanest water possible and I think I'm just :P You should also get a heater. They are warm water fish and need to be in 76-80 degrees F. Good luck!
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The API freshwater master test kit is the one we usually recommend.
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As Dramaqueen said, we recommend API Freshwater Master Test Kit, not the strips. Water testing strips are often inaccurate.

You always rinse everything with warm water before using it with fish. The instructions for everything also tells you to do this. Depending on the size of a tank you get and what it has depends on how often you you change your water, what you do when you change the water, etc. For example, if you have a smaller tank, you can just take everything out and rinse it out. But if you get a tank with a filter and what not (for example I use the Eclipse corner 5), then you only do a certain percentage of water changes weekly.
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Oh right, for some reason I was thinking it was the test
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