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Exclamation 2 Issues: Inactive and Color Change...

Hey! I just made a name on here because I desperately need help with my Betta, Phinfilleous. Any help would be great!!

Issue one: Inactive.

He resently got over pop-eye. While he was not very active, he has made a full recovery and was all chipper and back to normal the past few days. But today, all day he wont hardly move, except to come up for air. I don't know enough about him to say for sure, but i think he might be having a little trouble breathing, as his gills seem to be working a lot more than normal. It almost seems like he is panting.

Issue two: Color Change/Loss.

When I 1st got him, about 7 months ago, he was deep blue with red fins, and a black-hooded head. A few months ago he started getting more purple.
Now his head is brown on top, white on bottom, white underbelly, and almost a washed out, light pink body. It seems like his color is melting away. It can't be good.

So as I said, any help I would truly appreciate. Over the past week I have been cleaning his 1.5 gallon tack really good, with cured warm water.

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Also I would like to add a picture I took last night, when he was very active.

(Sorry for the blur... my camera is not the best.)

But you can see how oddly colored he seems to be, compared to how he was.
(His blue in this picture is very washed out today)

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That's odd.... have you checked the water parameters? I think the fish experts could help you better is you posted them.
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Tinthalas Tigris
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What temperature is your water? Do you have any amount of salt in the water?

I would recommend first and foremost, getting your water to 78 or 80 degrees with the aid of an aquarium heater. And having 1 teaspoon of salt (aquarium, kosher or sea salt is fine) per every 2 gallons of water in your tank.

Do you already have these parameters met? if so, what are your ammonia levels. Fish will start to look like that when their ammonia levels are bad, also.

If you can check yoru ammonia levels, and they are above .25 ammonia, you need to CHANGE YOUR WATER - at least 25% if your tank is cycled and filtered, and 100% if no filter, no cycle, no plants.

It sounds as though you've had your betta for a long time, so you've probably got all these steps taken care of.
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inactive, sick, slow

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