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Face spots & tail probs - help?

Hi guys,

I know I have posted regarding this guy's tail before, but I am at a loss what it could be? He also has spots on his face and I am not sure if they are benign or bad.

First, tail:

I thought he was biting, but since I have moved him to an end condo in the divided tank and have not seen him biting. I have removed some silk plants that had sharp parts and replaced and/or filed the sharp parts down. He has been flaring a lot, but not sure if the little rips would be from flaring? He has had some bloody ends on both his tail and anal fins. There is aquarium salt in the tank water, and I have given him salt baths the past couple of days in more concentrated salt/water. Not 100% sure of water prams, but they are always within normal range and they get 30%-50% water changes at least twice a week (20 gallon tank, in middle of cycling it).


He has red spots on his face. I am not sure if they are "beauty" spots, or something else. When I bought him at the store, he had a blue wash to him, and the spots were blue. Now that i have had him for over a month, his wash is red and his spots are red. This leads me to believe that the spots are just spots and not something more?

I just want to make sure they are not parasites and somehow causing his tail problems.

I have included pics of his tail and face.

I am at a loss for what I should do now for his tail? I hate to see it getting worse since it is so beautiful and elegant. Is there something I should treat him with? He is happy otherwise - active, making bubble nests, eating (and always BEGGING for more food - jumping and biting my fingers any time they are near the water!), etc.

I have ordered Indian Almond Leaf for the heck of it to see if that helps at all.

Any other ideas/suggestions?? I love this little guy and don't want to see him not at his best :(

Tail (these are not holes but rips/tears):

Face - notice the red spots:

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Beautiful rosetail!!!

His finnage doesn't look too problematic from the pictures, but keep an eye on it.

The spots are the 'sensory pits' through which fish smell, feel, yadda yadda yadda. All bettas have them but they are only apparent on opaque or dragon-colored bettas.
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Thank you... so those red spots are ok?

His tail is worse today... looks like my other guy I had that bit his tail (and was also a HM). I put him in his own 1 gall hospital tank because he was getting red tips on his tail and he seemed really stressed by seeing the other guy in his divided tank.

I added aquarium salt and fungus clear in case he has septicemia.

is this ok?
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That seems okay, you probably only needed to add salt for the wounds. Medications tend to reduce oxygen from the water, so it's best to use them when really needed. But that seems acceptable. I would in he future perhaps do a salt baths rather than adding salt directly into his holding tank. Just because salt directly in a tank (I know tonnes of people do it) affects their osmoregulation, basically the water ion balance in the body. + if you add salt to your tank and leave it there it can create salt resistant pathogens, thus rendering salt useless in treatments for these newly resident little buggers :( gotta hate sickies. Salt baths are only for short periods of time so they reduce the stress on the body,and reduces chances of resistant pathogens.

but for now that seem good! Just keep an eye on the red fin tips you don't want any finrot problems. I think your fast acting should pay off though! good job!

:) good luck!
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