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White Blotches?

Last night, my poor betta fish died. I looked at him and saw these big white blotches around his Pectoral Fins (the small front one) It might have also been covering his gills, suffocating him. What was weird is that they werent there the day before and he was perfectly happy looking.

The tank has maintained a steady 76-78 degrees and hasn't fluctuated more than that. I had recently moved him into a new tank with a heater so I dont know if the temp change is what he had died from. I hadnt changed the water in two weeks and I was about to change it but I dont think dirty water is what did it. He also had good access to air in his tank. Actually, heres the link to the tank,, its the exact one.

Right now, his whole body is grey except his fins and the white spots are gone, is that normal for a dead fish?

I have no idea what happened and I hope someone can explain these white blotches! If you need more info I can provide.

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It's hard to say, could have been fungal or bacterial infection, sometimes they can look quite similar. I would assume (in my personal experiences and opinion) it was due to the infrequent water changes just because fungus and bacteria can come about with decaying food and fecal matter and remember the tank temperature is warm as well. The tank you had was a little too small to leave unchanged for 2 weeks. However, this is an honest mistake! I wouldn't feel bad about it just because it may not have been exactly that, it's usually a combination of factors. I did the same thing once with one of my old red female's tank she got a similar white covering around the gills her name was Ruby

Did you acclimate him to the new tank temperature when you added the heater? sometimes that can cause stress, lowering the immune system making them more prone to infections.

as for the grey body, that seems normal, along with a thick mucus coat around the body as well.

I hope you feel better about your fish losing a betta buddy is never fun...RIP little guy! I am sorry for your loss
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I'm so sorry about your fish.
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Sorry to hear that you lost your fish. I would guess it was bacterial or fungal given your description.

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I'm so sorry about your betta. :(
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