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Am I doing Anything wrong

Hi All,

I really want to breed betta, I have crown tail pair and VT pair. both are in good health. First I put crown tail in tank with female in jar for 2 weeks, nothing happen, CT male doesnt bother to make nest and no sign of vertical stripes on female.......then I pull off with them and put VT pair in tank with female in jar for on first day male makes good nest but on second day all nest popped up.......I dont know whats going wrong.....this tank has 78~79 temp, i am feeding them blood worm everything from tank side seems fine....Any suggestion...please
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Here's a whole run through of what you need to do ;)

For each pair, you need to condition them outside of the spawning tank for 2 weeks. Make sure they cannot see any other betta beside their partner. Are these pet store fish? They may be too old to breed. I suggest getting some IAL to induce spawning. With spawning the tank should be 80-82*F. Also, your nest may have popped due to the atmosphere not being humid enough. Place half of a foam cup as a placement for the male's nest. Then either have a tank lid or plastic wrap around the top of the tank to keep the atmosphere humid enough that the nest will not pop.

Recondition the CT and VT pair and try again. Sometimes bettas do not like each other, so you may have to get new partners or pairs.
Hope I helped :)

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I have gone through with links, but she didnt mention to wait for vertical stripes before introducing her to male....
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Sena Hansler
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Okay, to get a better understanding... How did you start this spawn?

1. How long were they conditioned?
2. What were they fed, and how often were they fed?
3. Could they see other fish (including each other)? Were they in a divided or separate tank/s?
4. What did you have the temps at during conditioning?
5. How often did you change the water during conditioning?
6.What do you have in the spawn tank?
7. How long have they been in the spawn tank?
8. How deep is the spawn tank water?

Personally I prefer to condition between 2 and 4 weeks. I do feed my breeders a LOT more than I would feed a pet Betta. I always made sure the temps were never below 78, with 80 being my preference. I also clean the water daily (depending on their tank sizes, % would vary).

Not sure that you have it but I love using IAL (Indian almond leaves) during conditioning, breeding and spawning :)
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