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Questions about fry

If someone could answer it would be great. I have fry that are about 8 weeks old now and have a few questions.

1. Is there a normal % of male/females in the spawning? Normally more females than males?
2. I am trying to figure out which are male and which are female, but having a hard time. Should the fins on the males be growing more then the females at this point?

Thank you
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Different theories on how ratio of males to females work out. Some believe it is determined by pH, others based on the size of the female and male-- one thing is for sure, sex, like many fishes, is plastic during development before becoming fixed. There have been experiments where removing a female's ovaries changed her into a male.

Males will have generally, larger, stocky bodies and long fins--wait a couple more weeks to start seeing differences. Beard/operculum size is a good indicator as well.
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+1 Amphirion - many myths on this topic
1. Some believe pH - but I forgot/not sure about high pH = more females/males (think its females)
2. First 3 spawns (female) = more males
3. younger male = more males and visa versa
4. Temp - higher temp = more males

I rely on 2 and 4

Sexing same batch:
Bigger fins, longer/slimmer body, more vibrant color (often confusing), bigger head.
Viewed from above: bigger/wider mouth, big and short head, smaller midsection.

smaller fins, shorter and fatter body, often show breeding bars when colored up (not always), smaller head.
Viewed from above: smaller mouth looks more "pointy", smaller head, bigger midsection/belly.

8 weeks is rather too young to sex, though differences are visible. HMs (or any long finned) are usually easier to sex than PK
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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Thank you for all the information

I was able to start telling them apart just had to be a little more patient. But thank you for all the information
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