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A Memorial for All My Lost Bettas

I thought I would honour all my Bettas here. Don't you worry, there's only a few.

First, SIP Agamemnon Icarus II(Icky for short), a gorgeous turquoise Crowntail who, after only a few short weeks of care, swam under the large river rocks I kept and drowned. He was so sweet and gentle.

And to Lord Leviathon Narcissus Leopleuridon Grimm(Grimm for short) who was probably the pickiest and sassiest of all my fish, but would say hi to me and only me, and if I poked my finger in the water, would come and bite me. He wouldn't do that to anyone else, either.

To Hades, who was the perfect black fish for the name. I bought him knowing he was probably sick, but he seemed so hopeful that at times I thought I was imagining it. Thanks for making me think you'd died three times, bud. You were such a faker.

And Plato, the wussiest crowntail ever. He was so boring, despite his bright red fins and yellow body. He wouldn't ever swim through his decoration and was so shy he would rarely eat in front of me. Still, he showed up to get fed every time I'd come close to his tank, and if he ate more than a tiny pellet, he'd get bloated, then I'd fret over him all night until he recovered. He died just last week. I didn't know before he died, but it was Dropsy.

And Zeus, my sweet big boy. He was so lively. A true king of the skies. He'd also bite my finger if I left it touching the water, but apparently liked the taste of me, because he'd do it multiple times. He'd flare up when I approached and always liked to remind Plato(his tankmate) who was the larger fish. After a while, they even got used to each other and wouldn't flare at each other, just have a short staredown before lunch. He caught the Dropsy too, but seemed much less affected by it. I'd hoped I could nurse him back to health. I even got hopeful as he always continued to swim almost normally like nothing was wrong. I came home yesterday and immediately ran up to my room to check on him, expecting another fish funeral, and thrilled when he was alive. I did the same thing today and got another result. I miss that fish so darn much.

I feel so bad for them; always wondering if there was something I could have done to guarantee a longer life. Sometimes I wonder if them dying was all my fault. On more than one occasion, it probably was. But I am comforted in the fact that I learn with each passing week what I need to do, and that they no longer have to serve under my dwindling negligence. I hope to love their legacy through their descendents--that is, to say, all the future fish I will own. I am comforted that they are able to swim under the rainbow bridge and I hope, deep down, Icky is the bravest, the first, to cross into his new home.
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It's not your fault, don't even let yourself fall into that trap. I'm sorry for all you lossees
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There's nothing we could have really done to stop it. Bettas will pass in their own time, no matter how short or long that is. I'm sorry you lost so many wonderful fish, even the shy ones.
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