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New Betta or No New Betta That is The Question

i have 1 CT betta named Shere Khan in a 10 gallon uncycled tank, that will be getting a filter soon, he has a heater pre set for 76 degrees, and has one hidey hole, and six tiny clay pots to swim in, and gravle plus a bubbler (to create a small currant for the heater) untill i get the filter. should i get a female for him? i don't want to breed them and i know i have to split the tank, but i really want another. could i get one girl for him maybe two if i split it 2.5X 7.5? not having two girls won't kill me but i definetly want a girl, i want to cycle my tank but i only have a very small vase to put my boy in till it evens out, and i'm worried i'll screw something up if i do cycle the tank, and i don't know when or if i can get live plants, so can you give me tips to make my CT and his tank-mate-to-be happy? and make caring for them easier?
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sorry i forgot, i had a betta that lived in the vase for three months before there was an accident and poor Mr. Fishy Fish got tipped over. so i think temporarily the vase could be used as a holding tank/bowl, it's less than a gallon but for a little bit would it be ok? how far can bettas jump out of the water? i need to know so in the future i can cut the section screen right.
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I don't know anything about cycling or how long it takes, so I can't help you there. Sorry! Make sure to clean the vase every day 100% because the ammonia will build up very fast. I would hold off on getting a female until you have everything done (the tank cycled and some live plants or silk plants in there). Yes, you need to divide the tank if you're going to keep them in together. If you do that, make sure that there is no way they can sneak by the divider or jump over onto the other ones side. A couple months ago a woman on here said that her female jumped onto the males side and they mated. She was going to eventually breed, but definitely not than. Females will squeeze through ANYTHING. They also jump very high too so make sure that the water level is dropped a couple inches and you can also put something across the top so they can't jump. Males can jump too, so if you keep him in the vase, you should put something over the top that has holes so he can still get oxygen. Good luck and keep us updated!
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Oh, and also, it's said that females jump much higher than males, so also consider that. I would definitely hold off until your tank is completely cycled. I don't think adding a female betta to cycled tank will ruin the cycle (because of added poop), especially if there's a lot of stuff the bacteria could hide in. And bettas aren't known to be great poopers. Be patient, have fun :)
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