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Old 02-26-2010, 02:05 PM   #1 
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I'm ready to give up **whine alert**

I am so frustrated. I have a guy that keeps getting red streaks in his tail (he's opaque white so they really stand out) and have had to take him out of the divided tank he was in to treat with aquarium salt and higher temps. Then one of his tank mates started biting his tail. And I can't seem to get a cycle in the tank so I'm going to put the remaining three guys in their own containers to do a fishless cycle and get it stable. Now I come home and two of my other guys (in a divided 6.6 gallon) have complete bit the edges of their tails! One started biting a little bit since I had to change filters and he was IN LOVE with his old filter. The other guy was FINE this morning and now his whole white edge is GONE (and I caught him biting when I got home, it's definitely not rot). He was a mustard gas butterfly and his white edge is no more. The only thing I can think that would have caused him to do this is that I didn't feed them this morning. I was going to change to once a day so I skipped this morning and it must have really ticked him off enough to eat his own tail. I am so tired of playing fish psychologist!! GRRRR!! I feel like the troubleshooting is never done! And I miss all of their beautiful tails!

What am I doing wrong?? Why is all of this so difficult??

**end of self pity session**
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Wow....I cant honestly help or tell you whats going on but...
That really sucks im sorry, I can only imagine how frustrating that must be. Thats why im afraid to change anything with my bettas >.<
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Sorry your having such a hard time {{{hugs}}} Bettas are very finicky creatures and we never really know what they are thinking.

I'm dealing with two different cases of biting... one of which I think was due to the filter but the other is definitely biting and I can't seem to figure out why he's doing it.

Have you changed anything different? (Besides the filter).. added or taken away anything or moved anything around the tank?

I hope this was just a one time thing and they heal up nicely. As for Wally maybe you should look into an antiseptic. Are your IAL's doing any good?
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Bubbles (Section of 6.6 gallon the red guy who LOVED his filter) - I did add some plants after taking out his filter and also changed the background from black to blue. His biting is probably a combination of these things. His fins also got sucked into the intake part of the old filter since he was always swimming around it. This could have started him on the course of biting as well.

Dane (Section of 6.6 gallon, mustard gas) - I didn't change ANYTHING from last night until this afternoon except not feeding him this morning (this is the first time I didn't feed them in the morning). That is the only thing I can think of and doesn't bode well for when I go on vacation.

Wally (white opaque from the 20 gallon now in his own kritter keeper) - still has some red tips on his tail, seems like he MIGHT still be biting but not sure. The biting doesn't look very serious if he is. Keeping an eye on the red tips. I went a day without changing any of his water and his tips became redder. He just seems very sensitive to NH3 and probably can't handle any tank until it is 100% cycled.

IAL - Hasn't even tinted the water. Don't know what's up with that. So I am in the processes of boiling the heck out of it to make some concentrated brew.

Meds - I don't really want to spend the money on meds if I can avoid it so will just change Wally's water each day to keep it extra clean and then add him back to a cycled tank. He is acting and eating perfectly fine otherwise.

Tanks - I have decided to cycle my 6.6 first since that will be quicker and I have a much harder time keep the NH3 levels down in there. It is much easier to keep the levels down in the 20 gallon. Once that is cycled I will take some media from there and use it in the 20 gallon and cycle that one.

Argh. So frustrating.
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