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Old 03-04-2007, 07:48 PM   #11 
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Yes, I suppose my wording in that aspect was rather off but I did read what you were saying. To be truthful I’m not sure if I can justify saying what I said about the cup being correct or not…however we are discussing what you are doing with you betta. But first I would like to get some things out of the way.

This is going to sound rude, you can take it that way if you like, it isn’t the way that it is intended I assure you. The stores also don’t care your reasons for purchasing the fish. By buying the fish that is kept poorly you let the pet store know that they will sell them no matter what they do. They win no matter what as long as you buy. If you don’t care then they never will and it will be hundreds of betas brought into the store to sell because people are buying them to ‘save’ but so many more die in the cup. If you wouldn’t say anything about a dog living in a crate that’s up to you, just like encouraging pet stores to keep betas the way that they do. I myself would tell them that they should find a new home for the dog. Just because it is a small step up doesn’t always mean that it is good. I believe in giving whatever pet you have a home that is good for them, not just better than what they were living in…

I never said that it was “as bad” I simply said they are bad and explained why I believe they are (besides the obvious too little space) which I believe makes sense to the topic. I was just implanting the idea that perhaps another reason they are so lethargic inside of the cup extended beyond their swimming parameters which is most definitely the main reason. However since they are kept so close to other betta they would; likely, have (originally) flared at it which would also have worn it down. This is why I think it would be such a bad idea to have two bettas with a splitter as they may be reminded of the time when they were in the cup… Even with humans things can be forgotten but are still there when something triggers the feeling. EG: The golden arch at McDonalds can make adults who haven’t eaten there in ages remember the happiness that they experienced there as a child with the toys and the play area and make them want to eat there. Yes this is a little bit of a ramble but I believe that similar emotions can be brought upon when a betta sees another so close to it. It might feel as though his space is being invaded by the other betta. This may or maynot make the betta fell as if it were in the cup again even though it has more room to swim and are in better water. This is besides the natural instinct to fight the other betta. The things mentioned above are of coarse theoretical but it is still my opinion.

I’m not sure how I could have been more gentle with my opinion nor am I sure if I would want to be. I am passionate about what I believe in which is why I was afraid that I may come off as an aggressor which is why I informed in my post more than once that I am not here to start fights or attack anyone. I expressed myself and my believes and even told you they were my opinions so you can take them for what you think that they are worth. Opinions are in the eyes of it’s owners and if other people don’t agree with them then that’s up to them. I however feel as if you were an aggressor and I will give you the curtsy of explaining why. The list that you made, to me feels as if you are giving me reasons that you are made about whatever I posted. It is like you are telling me what I did WRONG, which to be honest I can’t think of anything I did wrong.

I’m not going to say sorry for expression of opinions as I don’t think that there is anything wrong with it. I however feel as if unless I am going to say something that everyone agrees with than I shouldn’t make a post which to me isn’t the point of a forum. To me a forum is so everybody can get out their opinions/ideas and everyone can talk about them. I find it fine to debate such opinions so that others reading can come to their own after seeing all sides but attacking I don’t think works. I may have been misreading your … hmm how do you say it… expression for lack of better terms in your post and if so then I am sorry for that.
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Actually this thread was NOT about MY betta, but the idea of putting 2 in a tank with a divider (which I clearly stated I wasn't doing), and the topic continued as it normally would, but not about my betta. You replied to my comment which was to someone else in regard to traps; Again, this was not about my betta or my tanks, which you decided to comment on after looking at my profile or other posts, which had nothing to do with this thread.

Whatever. I'm too old for this immaturity. Unfortunately, I'm done with this thread.
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Old 03-04-2007, 10:01 PM   #13 
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It seems that when one thing is said it completely blinds you from everything else that I have suggested. I don't appreciate your comment when all I was doing was explaining to you my opinions. I also stayed with the topic but you cannot seem to find anything to comment about that. In an effort to break this hostility, and out of my own curiosity what do you think of my thoughts in regards to my third paragraph. This doesn’t just go out to Andyandsue but to everyone. I do not want to see this thread die because of me, however I am confused as to your reasons of being frustrated with my last post and BLUNTLY attacking me. I have tried to clear the air between us by offering you an explanation to why I said what I have said. As far as the bettas I was refering to someone elses post here as it was in their signature.
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Old 03-05-2007, 12:11 AM   #14 
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so.... what are some other opinions about two bettas and a divider
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i only have the one betta so cant personally comment, and i am new as well, however when i bought mine, the aquatic centre owner told me to make sure any other bettas were out of sight as it can wear them out over time feeling like theyre constantly threatened. also in his shop, any bettas he had in tanks along with other fish (none of this betta in a cup cruelty) all had at least one tank between them without one in it so they could never see each other.

on a slightly different topic, the betta in question here (my betta) seems to be changing colour. he used to be blue with a TINY red bit on the tip of his tail. now he is distinctly purple, with predominantly red fins. i know what youll be thinking - this is not the same fish and somebody has spared me the grief of loosing him, but no. this has been a gradual colour change, and i live alone - nobody here to find and replace a dead fish. any suggestions? i am at a total loss - never seen the likes of it in my life.
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