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Tragedy strikes what do I do to help?

So I was at Petco yesterday with Ryley, she found a BEAUTIFUL little crowntail girl, we bought her and put her in the middle of the 10 gallon divider with my combtail girl....I watched them carefully for 2 hours and all was well, so I went to work.
Well I got home from work after midnight to find Zenon(the crowntail-hope I spelled that right ,Ryley named her) laying on the bottom corner of tank, looking dead, unable to move, tail gone fins gone, scales gone, I was so mad! I couldn't believe that Craig and Ryley were home and let this happen, I put her in a floating divider to get her away from the combtail(fishy)..thinking that she just brutalized her. Woke up at 6 am and she was out of the floater and hanging out with Fishy, I freaked out and moved her to the guppy tank.
Ok so I find out this morning while Ryley was getting ready for school that Fishy did NOT do this to her, she jumped over the barrier into Sky's side and he kicked the living daylights out of her. I saw that she had an obsession with him earlier but thought no big deal..well she got herself into big trouble trying to be closer to him. Ryley said she was hiding behind the filter and as soon as she saw Ryley come into the room came out and went to the glass as if to say HELP!!
I WISH I took a picture of her yesterday when I bought her, she was PERFEFT.
Good thing is she is eating well today.
What should I do to help her heal? Ryley said to me today, please don't get rid of her..OMG! Like I would
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I hate it when those things happen, these fish aren't called fighting fish for kidding aside.....
I have healed up torn fins pretty fast by making daily water changes, I like to use a QT of some type as that makes it easier, I also like to use either native oak leave or IAL, I keep a tub of rainwater with native oak leaves soaking in it all the time just for these kinda of problems due to spawning issues and torn fins, I will get healing and re-growth within 5-7 days.
Clean water is the most important to prevent secondary infection from the natural pathogens/bacteria that are in our water just waiting for a chance to invade the fish from an open wound. The native oak leave and IAL also contain antibacterial/fungal properties and can promote healing too.
If a secondary infection does happen I like to add aquarium salt 1tsp/gal along with daily water changes, OL/IAL for 10 days.
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I am confused... From what I understand you have the 10 gallon divided 3 wasy? was the new girl in a section of the 10 gallon with one other girl? Just the two girls together in 3.3 gallons?
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The middle is about 4 gallons, biggest area, it was only til today when my large tank (46 gallon)was regulated temp wise...filled it 3 days ago and have been messing with the heaters to get the temp right. She actually didn't jump the divider, I found a very small hole where the bottom meets the gravel, she is small and just swam through. She is doing well..but looks awful.
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Wait, so the girls were together???

Just keep her warm and add a little salt to her water. Watch VERY carefully for any kind of infections.
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