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Exclamation Ummmm.....little concerned!!!!!!!!

Well today it was time for my boys 50% water change. A couple of my boys in this tank have some tares in their tails which have turned abit black, so i thought i'll do there water change & out some nice clean water in then pop abit of salt in & some 'fin rot & anit-fungus' treatment in, just so their tails are all better before any major fin rot breaks out.

Anyway so did all that, moved around each boys decorations in their sections so they can go exploring once back in the tank.

However after putting them back in, after putting some salt & this fin rot stuff in, they have basically hidden up in their floating plants & gone lifeless!!! ...should i be worried?

I've used this treatment before on a male that had fin-rot, he was active in the morning, then once i put it in, it was as if he went to bed for the rest of the day, then the next morning bright & early he was up & about, then again the same thing, but it did help.

Just wondering whether this is right, VERY unusual for them all to be lifeless & still up in there plants, i checked, they are alive. water levels are fine......odd????

what u think? sorry for essay!
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Using medication just because can be risky IMO, sometimes the medication can do more harm than good and really not recommended if your not sure what you are treating in the first place.
I would do some water changes and get the medication and salt out and then do daily water changes for a week or so, I have found that the best treatment for fin issues ...fresh clean water and lots of it.....getting the nasties diluted that are normally in our fish water that are just waiting for a chance to invade our fish can be a good first line defense against secondary infection and can promote healing.
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