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Fancy Guppy Questions

I've searched the web and can't find any sound information about keeping fancy guppies (even on I figured there must be a knowledgeable aquarist here that could answer a few questions for me :)

I had two bettas in a 20 long, one recently passed. I don't want to get another betta at this time, my two got along perfectly as neighbors, but I have had bettas that were not good neighbors, and were stressed all the time. I don't want to deal with that again so I'm considering putting different fish in the other half. Also I've never kept any other fish, so I'm interested to branch out

I really like fancy guppies, they are like mini bettas almost, very cute. Here's my questions:

1. Can I keep a group of males together like they do in the pet store? How many in a 10 gallon? ( I do NOT want a bunch of baby guppies)

2. Will they nip at my mystery snail? (he is huge, golf ball sized)

3. What do they like décor wise? I currently have plants/hiding spaces for my betta setup, but have read just plants for them?

4.Can I feed them the same food as my bettas?

5. I have read varying things about what they like for water parameters. My PH is a bit high, my bettas have always been fine so I never messed with it, but I am reading they don't like high PH?

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Realized this thread should have gone on the Other Fish board, and I will be reposting it there.
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I'd say you could put 10 male guppies in a 10G section, provided you have adequate filtration. If you have enough of them to keep each other occupied, they probably will not bother your snail. I would say get the guppies their own food. They can eat the betta food, but it shouldn't be their main diet. You can definitely feed them things like frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp. But guppies need some form of vegetation in their diet. Flakes or pellets with spirulina in them would be great for guppies. I know most of the major brands sell a high-protein tropical fish flake infused with spirulina.
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