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Reference Team
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Green Tea... EVIL

On the advise of many members, I tried decaffeinated green tea to add some tannins to my tank (5g divided) as a treatment for tailbiting and split fin after a couple of days of saltwater. I dropped in a decaf green tea (only) bag after a water change. About the time I could see a small change in the water coloration, both my fish started losing color. A grey-faced black-headed Betta is a horrible sight. They both got mopey and slow, although their breathing looked alright. And, for the first time I saw with my own eyes what clamped finnage looks like. Two 80% water changes and a couple of hours later, they appear back to normal. Scared the dickens out of me; can't imagine how they felt.
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Reference Team
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Forum word-processing woes

OK, I give. This site's word-processor has got me flummoxed. How can I break my posts into paragraphs to make them easier to read? I can't even paste it in from WordPerfect I'll save my how-to-columnate question for later.
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i have no experience with green tea, but Rooibos tea works wonders... A couple of my boys got in a fight and after a week or so in rooibos tea they were completely healed.
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Yea I dont know where the green tea started but here in South Africa Rooibos tea is a pure tea that has naturally no caffiene in it. My boy lives in his 5g tank that I stained with the Rooibos tea bag. I just drop it in and leave it over night.

The thing is rooibos is a very healthy tea (and it helps that I loooove to drink it myself). Ironacally if I dont put a tea bag in my boy sulks! He hides in his pot and behind the driftwood untill the water is a colour that he loves. Now I am getting HUGE bubble nests the day after a water change since the tea is in the water again.

This is a boy who bit his tail so that there was nothing left. Just jagged edges. Now his tail is growing back beautifully and the boy is even darker red than he was before! Plus no more biting - hes left his tail alone now for over 2 months!

The Rooibos tea is a natural tea that comes from South Africa (where I am from). It is a well known treatment for most of us fish keepers here since IAL is really silly expensive and we cant get the leaves here - it gets incinerated at customs. Out customs policies are about as strict as Australia now with regards to plant, wood, seeds and so forth.

90% of all aquatic plants are on a national black list here! (altho I have found that some of the guys have found ways to get some of the plants in :P)
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i didnt find any plain rooibos so i went with green decaf. my betta got all slow and stressed out on his tail. i wont ever use it on my fish, just IAL.
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I have rooibos tea that I drink. It is in natural unbleached bags, and seems perfect to try for my tailbiter, but it is mixed with vanilla bean. I dont taste vanilla at all when i drink it, so would that be bad for the betta?
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Some fish do not react well to what others fish react just fine to.

In future, all we can really say is dont do that again, or if you do, dont tan the water as much.

As for adding it into the post, just directly put it in and use the enter key. There's nothing fancy about it.
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