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I was thinkin about getting some otos this weekend.
So, to anyone who has them, are they like cories? I've read that they eat algae but when the algae is gone you have to feed them with algae wafers (which I already had from previous cories) or vegetables, but what do your otos eat? Anything else I should know? I've read up on them a bit but would just like some input from you that have them.
And how many should I get for a 10 gallon with just a betta in it. (I know they like to be in groups, so I'm planning for multiples, of course)
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Ottos are pretty small and the are really social and do best in groups of 4-5 in an aged aquarium that has lots of plants....they need extra food in the form of algae wafers, sometimes because of being wild caught these guys can be full of parasite and half starved, wait until they have been in the fish shop and feeding well for at least 2 week before you get them unless you have a heavy planted aged tank, otherwise they can go south on you pretty fast, and as with any new fish QT for at least 4 weeks,,,these are awesome creature to have and will do a great job on some species of algae like diatoms but that is about it on the most part of algae control....but super fun to watch once they feel safe in the aquarium.
The female are much fatter or rotund than the male and they will spawn in the home aquarium and you will often see them in the "T" position.... but getting live fry is the hard part due more to water quality issues...a really neat fish to have with the right environment........
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