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Thanks for your responses everyone. Just to clarify a few points... we actually have a heater, so the temperature in the tank is stable. With regards to cleaning the tank, as we only got the fishes a week ago we hadn't cleaned the water yet, although we do use a syringe to clean out the uneaten food and fish droppings everyday. Some other folks on a different board say that it might have been the stress of moving that did it... in any case, I guess we can't be entirely sure, and will have to take extra precautions with our future fish. :)

Thanks once again to all though. Your help has been very much appreciated!
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Thank you everyone for posting about when your fish started eating!!

I fed mine a couple of pellets this morning, and then left for work (about 8am). I just got home a few minutes ago, and tried giving him some pellets (they're all I have for now). He goes up, appears to sniff at the food, and then ignores it. He's *got* to be hungry! I only fed him like 2 pellets this morning, so he can't have eaten all day. I don't think he has anything against the pellets, as he's eaten them before. I don't think he's upset, as he's a more vibrant colour now than when I got him. I *think* he's blowing bubbles (as there are rows of tiny bubbles on the surface of the water, and he goes up to the surface and does something with his mouth). Just for the life of me, I can't really figure out why he wouldn't eat.

Edit: Maybe he's shy about eating in front of me? When I got home, there were no pellets. And after putting some in, he'll still go up and look at them, and appear to want to eat them, but then he swims away from them again *confused*

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If you think he won't eat them in front of you then put some pellets in and leave the room or back away from his tank/bowl and very discreetly watch to see what he does.
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You should also check to see if they've fallen down onto the gravel / substrate. When my pellets fall down there, my bettas don't even bother with them. And bettas can go a looong time without food, too.
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