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Fast for corys?

Once a week I put my bettas on a 1-day fast. Is this acceptable for corys or should I feed them? Also, Flare has been acting a bit under the weather recently. I've just done a 100% water change and that should help, but if I need to add aquarium salt or medication for a while, will that hurt the corys? Thanks for your help.
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Fasting should be fine... some people only feed their fish once a week.

As for the medication, just make sure whatever you put is compatible with cories. Aquarium salt, I believe is a no-no with cories.
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So true, cory cat can be really sensitive to salts and it should be avoided, they are also sensitive to most medication due to being scaleless, cory cats are social creatures and do best in groups of at least 5 or more, not that they will drop dead if kept in less than 5, they won't, but you will see more natural behaviors...even spawning.... and they will be less stressed and you will have less problems, they also like softer substrate due to their feeding habits of digging/rooting for their food, the larger gravel tend to injure their barbels or feelers/whiskers...they love sand......cory cats will do fine on a fast when you fast your betta IMHO......
Both cory cats and Bettas need/thrive best in tip-top water quality....regular water changes are needed. sometimes when either species is acting under the weather...make a water change daily for a few days and most times this will fix the problem/behavior change for the better and then stay on top of at least weekly 50% water changes, I am assuming that you have at least a 20g tank with both betta and cory cats unless you have the dwarf species that is..... and then a 10g would be fine IMO/E...
Do you have water pram numbers for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH and what size tank do you have as well as husbandry practiced......filtration? and why the 100% water changes, is the tank cycled?
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