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Betta Friends

I had a red king betta fish. I was so excited to get him. I named him Cory. I had him a somewhat small 3 gallon tank. He was always happy and energetic. I used to sing to him as a kid singing there was a girl who had a fish and cory was his namo C-O-R-Y. I just loved him. Whenever i would sing he would almost dance. Then whenever i smiled at him he would almost smile back with his side fin things on his cheeks. I had him for 2 whole years. I loved him so much. That was where i have always thought Fish can have a special bond with humans share yours below!
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Location: Georgia
Well, I got Lucky on a cold, rainy night.(Not exagerating)I remember keeping his little cup from rain. Eventually I put him on my nightstand in my bedroom. I would watch him at night and it was better than T.V! When I was on my computer, he would watch me. He's in a 2.5 gallon tank and very happy. Love Ya Lucky!
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Well, I have 16 bettas now so I can't remember all the times I got them. But I was always VERY excited. :) They would always steal my heart when I would look into the cup and it was like they were choosing me.
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Crap! I almost have as many fish as BFC!! Whoops!

I do remember how I got each of my fish... Well, I have time so I'll write it! LOL

Jello: He was the only fish in walmart that wasn't half dead, so I got HIM. Darn glad I did!

Sammy: Was trying to decide between a beautiful blue VT and him, then I realized I'd never see another fish like him again, so I got him!

Pax: He has blue eyes (like a kitten :D) and totally stole my heart. He was also one of the last ones left.

VarroWolf: Almost dead at walmart. HAD to get him!!!!

Clypso: Can ANYONE resist a Mustard gas HM??? Nope!

Ivy: Too cute to leave behind!!!!!!!

Angel: She totally stood out from the other female betta. She was gracefully swimming around her cup..

Oliver: Got him two days after I got angel! Bad Em! :P He is pure orange, just loved him too much to leave him behind!

Gustav: I LOVE double tails, and white marble DBTs at that! End of story!

Pansy: Pink and purple, had to get her! She was so tiny too!

Rillian: Got him the day after I got pansy! Again, BAD Em!

Colette: Got her from Vikki. Always LOVED her and snatched her up while I could!

I hope I remembered them all?

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Location: USA
I got a another betta fish after Cory and my dad got me him as a surprise. He hid him behind his back and then finally he set it on the counter and i was so excited. I named him Tyler. He would dance and i just loved to watch him. Sadly after a year he started not being-well-himself. He started lying on the bottom of the tank. Not being energenic. I just used the excuse he liked to sleep. But i knew. He lived 1 year and a half. I loved that fish!
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Old 03-21-2010, 06:31 PM   #6 
Join Date: Oct 2009
I got Purple Haze with Purple Rain when I started college because I love animals and fish was the only thing i could have in my dorm. It was a hot Saturday night that had been spent all day in Montgomery. Sadly, Purple Rain died. I wasn't a very good betta mommy at first.

I got Chance at the local pet store, because he just called to me... i felt so bad for him dying in the little plastic bag :[

Frusciante I got off of Aquabid, I couldn't live with myself if I hadn't of gotten him.

And Fishy I got from Vikki. He spoke to me when I saw his photos :]
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Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nemo was really an energetic, life-filled fish. During my teen years he lived through a rough few encounters and spent more then half his life as a bowl fish. We always kept him under a light in the computer room-- so his water would be warm. I loved that fish, he lived 4 years from the pet store. Now that's something else.

Illidan was a stubborn, picky little thing that would not even touch a bloodworm. He was always calm and collective, but would have his cranky bouts whenever I went too close to his tank. He'd flare up and try to intimidate me. He was so cute.

Feeshy is an energetic, feisty little thing. He flares up whenever he catches his reflection in the tank, and loves spending his time making beautiful bubble nests. He is my current pride and joy.
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