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He's at it again!

My silly fish, Admiral Finns is back to biting his tail. I never figured out why he did it the first time, but he stopped, and his tail grew back nicely, even though he still had some scraggly ends.

He's doing it again now. I have two plants in there [I had to take the real plants out because they were dying, heh.. I have bad luck with that stuff] and they're silk, so that's not an issue, he's got a hiding cave, and I try to turn his light off early.

Aside from his biting, he's making a bubblenest, so I assume it's boredom. He seems really healthy, even though I just treated him for flukes again [I haven't seen them in about a week, though]. I even try to sit next to his tank so that he has something to watch. Oh, and for his tail, I put some watered-down Melafix in his tank so it won't get infected. [I already use salt in his tank and wanted the extra anti-septic] I have heard this is an OK thing to do, and I've used it before with no problem [in fact, it sped up his healing process] so hopefully it'll help again.

Anyone out there have tips or tricks for biters?
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