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Exclamation My Fish Might Have Ick ? PLEASE ANSWER~!

my fish has white specks on his head. and people are saying he migt have ick. we have the medication. what will happen if i give it to him and he doesnt have it? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Unless the white specks look like grains of sugar or salt stuck to his body, don't bother with medications. When used unneccesarily they stress the fish, deprive the water of oxygen and can even build the resistance of any bugs in your tank to the medication. Furthermore copper, a common ingredient in ich medication, is slightly toxic to fish and should not be used on a whim.
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So true Kelly, I agree 100%...using medication for anything just because...can sometimes do more harm than good and copper is so toxic and not just at the time of use but it can affect the tank long term too, and if you ever want snails or shrimp they may not live long in a tank that had copper based products used in them.

Like Kelly stated, what does it look like, can you post a pic?
How big is the tank?

With the parasites like ich and velvet, I like to treat by following their life cycle, most of the time if it is not really bad all I do is a water change and vacuum the gravel really good to manually remove it, you can't kill it while it is on the fish anyway, sometimes if it is bad, I will raise the temp to at least 86F, but I try to avoid too high of temp too long, just long enough to get it to drop off the fish, you have to be careful so that the treatment is not more harmful than the salt can help too 1tsp/gal, but I don't always use it in mild cases...I always do daily water changes though.....

With Bettas I like to do the two cup method, I use small cups and move the fish from one cup to the other everyday and clean the cups really good, this is making 100% daily water changes and I will do this for at least 3 day past the last day the parasite is seen on the fish.
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