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Old 03-22-2010, 01:12 AM   #1 
Franzilla 806
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New Betta Owner

Hello my name is Francisco.....Fran is easier. I recently bought a beautiful crown tail male betta. I have done a considerable amount of research and was wondering if my tank set up is suitable. I have a 2 gallon tank with an in tank low flow filter and a heater that keeps the temperature at 78 degrees and i have only seen it fluctuate one degrees either way. I have plastic plants and a cave made of smooth material for him to hide in. I am using Betta Bowl Tabs for water treatment and adding stress coat solution.

For food i am feeding him freeze dried blood worms re-hydrated before he eats them.

If you have any suggestions for change I would appreciate them greatly, I want my betta to be as happy as can be !
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Can't say too much since I'm on an iTouch right now

Good job on reserch :) However, don't use freezedried bloodworms as his staple food (the foo you will feed him tge majority of the time). They have hardly any good nutritional value, and are to be used as a nice weekly treat :) Get some pellets (I use Hikari Biogold Pellets) instead, they make a great staple! Also rehyrdate pellets as well.

Do water changes about every other day, maybe every three days. It's a relatively smaller size, so it prevents too much ammonia build up. Beware of plastic! They can rip fins.
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Welcome to the forum! That's great that you did so much research before getting your fish. We LOVE seeing pictures! :) I clean my 2G's twice a week 100% (taking everything out and cleaning it). Like xxabc said, he needs pellets as a staple food and the blood worms should only be given as a treat once or twice a week. I also fast my fish Fridays because it's good for their digestive systems. I've heard great things about Hikari pellets. I use Wardley's and they're great, but most of them come clumped so I have to break them up.

I suggest that you get silk plants because the plasic plants will probably rip your fish's fins. To test this, take the plants out and run them over pantyhose or toilet paper and if it rips that, than it'll rip his fins. I don't know anything about the betta tablets but I use API and a lot of people use Prime as water conditioners. I would suggest getting that instead of the tablets. I also add a little aquarium salt in all of my tanks as do a lot of people on here. It gives them electrolytes, helps heal torn fins and prevents some illnesses.
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Ahh I also use Seachem Prime as my dechlorinator/conditioner. I will always recommend it, it's wonderful. And I also LOVE Hikari Biogold pellets. They bring out a betta's color like crazy. Best money I've spent, right there. I've never even heard of tablets, actually. As a conditioner ?
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They are sold along the sides of those small betta kits and such in Petsmart. Those are okay, but a little pricey I think. You can use a normal water conditioner when that runs out and you'll save some money.

And apart from getting him pellets, everything sounds great!
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