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I think you forgot the link?
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I'd also point out that we never called you crazy on the smaller tanks or anything. I have seen some people - not on this site though - exactly accusing anything less than 1 gallon as the devil-tanks, etc (apologies if this offends anyone at all). But can you see what we're saying though? We've never called you anything bad, nor beat anything down. One disagreement led into so many other things...

Now, I'll admit I prefer 5 gallons to 1 betta. But I would like to say that is my opinion, and for those with anything smaller I don't hate nor disagree with at all! If anyone has anyone smaller than 5 gallons, I have no issues, it's just my own preference to house my own bettas in 5 gallons. I even have a 5 gallon divided meaning 2 bettas, with 2.5 gallons to their own. And whether you believe me or not, I did house my betta in .5 gallon before, but I took them out after a couple of months as I liked bigger tanks anyway. And the experience with the .5 gallons was poor - my bettas were boring to me. But in the 5 gal, they're so happy! that is overjoys me when I see them.

And we definitely all know the price of a betta, haha. I'm a high school student, so that means no job for me ~ hahah
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Yeah, there is no simple black and white when it comes to betta keeping-as you said yourself, there are a lot of different takes on it.
Some people keep them in smaller tanks, which I think is OK as long as you're willing to maintain it properly. I personally prefer tanks that are 2.5+ because it gives bettas room to swim, but I think even something like 1 gallon is okay as long as you're willing to change the water regularily. No one is going to jump at you and say that you NEED a specific tank size. hell, you could keep a betta in a 200G if you wanted to. ;)
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oops.. sorry!! It was late haha.

HERE is the link: Its on cycling fish in so if you want to cycle fishless your going to have to look somewhere else.. I haven't done a fishless cycle yet but I can give you a few good articles.

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