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Oto feeding info.

My gourami/betta tank is now settled in so I was thinking about getting a couple otocinclus catfish sometime this summer but I'm a bit wary about getting them because of all the stuff I've read about them being hard to feed and how they'll often only eat certain types of algae. So I was wondering about three things. What kinds of algae will they eat? How do I grow these certain types of algae? And also would a 10g tank be able to grow enough algae to keep two or three oto's happy and heathly?

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I just got some otos this week. They mostly eat brown algae (or diatoms) it's mostly present in a newly cycled tank, so if your tank is new, you'll more than likely get it. They also eat other types but I'm not too sure on that. Live plants will help the otos too, so think about getting some. If you don't have algae in your tank, or they cleaned you out, you can buy algae wafers at a pet store and just put about 1/2 of one in and they'll eat that. I currently have 3 otos in my 10g. :)
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Otocinclus vittatus are usually the most common type seen, they are social creatures and do best in groups of at least 3, 5 is better...they like mature aquariums that are heavy planted, however, if you can find healthy otos as long as they have lot of hiding places and you feed them algae wafers daily they may survive. Try to find some that have been in the shop for at least 3 weeks and eating well to increase chance of success. Most common algae they eat are the diatoms and other soft algae. These guy are pretty small and 3-5 would fit nicely in a 10g with one betta.
It might be stressful on them if you put 2 on each side of the divided tank assuming you divided the tank separating the two Anabantoids.....
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I'm thinking I'll put off on getting otos then, maybe when I get another 10g tank or fix up my old 20g long since I don't want to get three or four of the little guys just to find out a single 10g tank can't grow enough edible algae for them. Oh yeah also no need to worry about the two honey gourmetís and female betta because thereís no aggression between the three other than the two gouramiís chasing each other every now and then.
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I wouldnt get them. It says you can feed them algae wafers but I am yet to see one of mine or anyone that I know even nibble at it. Only get them if you have brown algae problem otherwise they will starve. I have a 10 gal with only 2 in them and I had a brown algae problem all over the walls and its only been a week and its pretty much gone.
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