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Exclamation Suggestions ASAP Please!!!

I picked up a new DT at the store yesterday (he makes 6)...he's absolutely one of the most beautiful Bettas I have ever seen, couldn't say no!...

He seemed alright last night, this morning I noticed he was a bit tilted at the top of his tank, but when I fed he perked up and ate.

I just got home from work and fed all "the boys", the new guy is definitely floating at the top of his tank quite tilted and seems to be having a hard time swimming.

I know this sounds silly, but you know when you have a lifejacket on and try to go looks to me like that's what his problem is...every time he tries to swim he's sort of forcefully floated back to the top.

Does anyone know what's going on with him? I really adore this little guy and don't want to lose him! Please help ASAP!!

Many Thanks!
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Sounds like a swim bladder issues that he was most likely born with and not much you can do if he was a "faller" as a fry, this is common especially with the double tails, due to their short body they tend to have a short swim bladder too...I have been working with the DT for several years now and this is what I have been seeing in this tail type...
Look at him and if his caudal peduncle is crooked or miss shaped it may be a genetic issues....
When I seen the spine miss shaped I do not spawn these guys or gals and as long as they are not suffering they make good pets, I, however, cull these guys/gals...
I hope your guy is just bloated or constipated you can try some epson salt 1tsp/gal for 10 days max...... and see if that helps him any and then stay on a strict diet of every other day very small amounts with one day a week fast...this is one of the biggest problems I see in some of the DT....
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Hi! Thank you so much for your response...things have "progressed" a bit since last night. It's a bit hard to tell, but it doesn't seem as though his caudal penducle is misformed.

Upon getting home from work just now, he's looking quite bloated in his belly and the coloration over his belly is very pale (normally it's a bright blue). Would that indicate bloat, and if so, what's the best way to treat? He's definitely not pineconing. Also, though I don't know how he was fed at teh store, he definitely hasn't been overfed by me and he's been fasting since yesterday afternoon.

I had read about DT having some issues, but he seemed good at the store and the first night he was home.

Thanks again for your response, it's very much appreciated I don't want him to be miserable!

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