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Exclamation how long to heal

I recently bought my betta from a well known pet store and didn't notice he was a nemo. Both of his pectoral fins are damaged but one so badly it seems he has to put in alot of effort in to swim. I have read the "how to" and have basically set up a schedule like this....

Every day- give 1/2 teaspoon API Bettafix (all natural medication)

Every other day- clean out 1/2 fish tank (his home a 1 gallon tank)- I pour water with Top Fin Betta Water Conditioner into spare tank let sit till proper temperture (around 75*f)- pour into fish tank slowly to reduce current.

Every week (or as needed)- Clean out tank completely using same technique as in 1/2 cleaning but moving fish from his home to spare tank and then back. Plus using clean rinsed out rag WITHOUT SOAP to clean sides of both tanks.

I live in Arizona and he seems very happy with the temperture (75*f) and the way he is cared for but I was wondering if there is something I should add/take out to/from my fishes schedule or use different products in order to see results... I have been using this schedule for over a week and haven't seen anything different. Im almost considering taking a picture of him everyday! I feel bad for my new friend! Please any input would be great!
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Well if you really want his fins to heal nicely, do a water change every day, and add aquarium salt. If you're using bettafix just for the fins, since I don't have a picture I don't know how "necessary" that is (but really, IMO, medication is never necessary for fins. But thats only me). I also feed my betta fish their pellets soaked in garlic juice and they always heal just fine with a torn fin.

Okay, I just read that again. He's a nemo - it probably was either physically damaged, or birth defect as a fry. I would imagine it heals at the same rate as fins, but who knows. Definitely watch for that. Given the size, I would give it a week.

IMO, about temperature, he will look fine, but 75 is slightly pushing it temperature wise. And I would imagine it gets cold at night, just being in a house, too. I live in Texas, so I know warm weather when I see it, haha. But my house drops to 72-73 at night, and the temperature fluctuation, and the plain temperature, is not optimal for them. I always say 77-80F, with 75 pushing it. And also, lower temperatures seem to affect their immune system, if ever so slightly. If you can get a heater, definitely get one.

If you really want to take care of him, how about you invest in a larger tank? I prefer 2.5 gal absolutely minimum, 5 gallon highly preferably. You may hear other stuff, but this is just my own opinion, and I wouldn't house a betta under 5 gallons (I have a 5 gal divided, but I'm never dividing that again).
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