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Old 04-02-2010, 03:15 AM   #21 
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Originally Posted by soleilvie View Post
I am not experienced with bettas (I have yet to start a fishless cycle of my tank for the first time) but I did a quick search and found that a bloated betta can be a symptom of a disease called Dropsy. Obviously your betta is not bloated from excessive food (you mentioned fasting your betta), so perhaps dropsy may be the problem? It seems that it is a disease that affects the kidneys. Likely, you did nothing wrong; your betta was sick to begin with.

I have no idea if this is what your fish has, that's just what I found from a quick Google search. I would wait about a week and see if anything improves. I have no idea about the daphnia, but it can't hurt so perhaps it's worth a shot. Keep us updated and don't give up!

This page is very helpful. It has a list of common betta diseases, symptoms, and treatments.
I don't think it's dropsy. Dropsy results in a pronounced "pineconing" effect where the fish's scales protrude exactly like a pine cone.
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UPDATE: he has fully recovered! Woke up this morning and his bloating was 100% gone and he's swimming alllll over!!! I am fasting him one more day. I'd call that a miracle! All I did/could do last night was Toss in some salt lowered the water and went to bed with little hope and POOF he is all better and the string is also gone! Thankyou everyone for bearing me and helping. Also for those who asked about his diet. I bought him Monday, he got fed 2 small pellets. Tues morn and night 1 small pellet, wed thur and today nothing. Couldn't have been constipation. Truely a miracle!!
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I'm glad your betta is better! Sometimes they can get constipated easily so just watch out how much you feed him and keep an eye on his stomach. If you have an LPS close by I would still get some daphnia and encoporate it into his food regiment so it doesn't happen again.
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Old 04-02-2010, 09:32 AM   #24 
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I'm glad to hear that he's better.
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Old 04-02-2010, 10:31 AM   #25 
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awesome news Maul. im glad your little buddie is all better!!!!
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Thank you all! Should I fast him one more day? Also, should I go ahead and do a 100% water change tonight just to be on the safe? He had a stressful week, just don't want to add to it. One more thing, that stuff I was reccomened to give him, how and how often should he get it and for how long? Thank you all :)
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So glad he is better.....these guys are real bad about getting constipated and then the duct can get inflamed and make it harder for them to pass the stool and if the edema continues an infection can happen in the duct, also sometimes these guy can be born with short or deformed swim bladders making them more prone to constipation and swim bladder related issues.
The best natural treatment I have found was Epsom salt 1tsp/gal, the epsom salt reduces swelling and work as a laxative, it also has an antibacterial/fungal properties too, I like to treat while in QT and make 100% daily water changes along with the epsom salt, hold all feedings until they pass the stool/plug or in the cases of swim bladder issues until the swelling goes down and they are swimming better, treatment usually take 3-10 days depending on what is wrong and how bad it is.
Don't give up.........and as far as your friend and their betta....remember there is a big difference in a fish that thrives-vs-survives........

I would fast him for one more day and then fed a small amount of food every other day, stay on top of the daily 50% water changes for a few more days....
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I'm glad your guy came out of it, it's always good to hear that, especially when it's an odd occurance.
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UPDATE: My guy is doing wonderful! Just did a full water change and he is flying and zipping all around like he was before! I am going to start feeding him again tomorrow. I think 3 days of no food is enough for my guy haha His bloated look is 100% gone and he can swim up down left right with no problems!
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Old 04-02-2010, 10:39 PM   #30 
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something i just do not get nor does anyone else on here is how he was NOT bloated... i fasted him for 2 days and then he becomes bloated out over no where....then it goes away over night out of no where... so we can all rule out SBD...but how in the world would he have become constipated? Before i fasted him, i under fed him if anything... i mean i have read what people feed their bettas on here and it makes me look like i NEVER feed mine haha... so what caused my betta to be bloated for a day and lose the ability to swim much at all? who knows, am i glad it's over and he is normal sized again? YES!
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