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Old 04-02-2010, 01:39 AM   #1 
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I've converted!

So I rearranged some things on my tanks, and converted one to sand!!! What kind of fish shall I get? (its 10 gallons and planted).

in my other ten gallon i have Diego, 3 tetras, an ADF, and 2 otos to eat my algae... so i want somethin a tad different than what i already have.
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I'm a big fan of coryadorus catfish. There are many to choose from and they stay small. Just remember they like company of their own kind, so get about 5 or 6 of the same kind if you decide to get any.
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Old 04-04-2010, 08:20 AM   #3 
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Sounds cool!
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hello, oh so many possiblities. some small school of cory cats is a must as they love sand. my thought would be one of the dwarf versions, my fav is the coryoras habrosus as they look like mini versions of salt and pepper cory's. these only get to 1 1/2 in, and you need a school of at least 6. They are very active, bottom and middle of the tank. another min cory is the corydoras hastatus, they are smilar to the habrosus in size and action. Another small cory is the panda corydoras, but these get a bit bigger and are bottom dweller, i would suggest at least 4 of these. for middle and upper areas, you could get some kind of killifish as they stay small. or what about dwarf cichlids, the ram would work in a tank of that size, and they only get about 2 1/2 inches and are the perfect fish for the planted tank. you could only get a couple for a tank of that size thought. if you stay with quiet peaceful fish, how about a school of hatchetfish (marabled are the smallest) middle swimmers could be pencil fish, or the small chocolate gourami (these fish are a bit of a challedge) there is also the sparkling gourami or honey gourami.( i did not mention the dwarf gourami as they can be somewhat agressive.) if you want to go with a schooling fish how about the harlequin, they would look great in a planted tank. or how about the threadfin rainbowfish, they are so beautiful with their long fins. if you like beta fish, what i think would be a great tank would be a small group of the wild type beta with some cory's for clean up crew. what i also love in my smaller planted tank are cherry shrimps for clean up crew. have fun setting up the new tank. dianne
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Old 04-06-2010, 09:42 PM   #5 
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Bolivian Rams have great personalities. And are less demanding that German Blues. Bolivians get like 2 1/2 inches and are really goofy. Cory's are goofy little guys too. Really sensitive to water changes though so wait for your tank to be established.

For schooling get Rasboras. Tight schooling fish and are a bright red with black. Only get like 1 inch.

Nerite snails are fun little snails. Really really slow but keep your tank clean of all algae
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Old 04-06-2010, 10:21 PM   #6 
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I'd get another betta. And some shrimps.
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Old 04-06-2010, 11:30 PM   #7 
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What color is the sand? I would contrast the color with an opposite color of cory catfish. I have black gravel in one of my tanks and I love the look of the albino cories scurrying around, whereas the pepper cory kind of blends in. Oh and definitely find a betta that can tolerate living with the catfishes.
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