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Okay update
On Reefer and his columnaris
It doesnt look like its gotten any better and knowone
seems to know how to treat it.

So iv turned the temp up its now 76degrees in his water.
His tank is almost half full so its easier for him to get to the top even though he doesnt look like he is having any problems swimming but because his fins are clamped I just wanna make sure.

Iv been putting aquarium salt in the water and I took all the gravel out.
Iv been changing the water every two days if I dont fuzzy slime is everywhere.

besides all this he is acting normal.
Iv been feeding him a mixture, blood worms in the morning and brine shrimp at night.
I just want to make sure he eats so im offering irrisistable foods lol.
He is eating fine.

He is pretty active still, only diffrence is he hasnt made a bubble nest for awhile.

Any tips on other things I can do to make him more comfortable or try and cure this?
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Flexobacter columnaris, it grows in layers, gram negative and has a white fuzzy look to it, can be on the mouth, back, tail, usually stops eating and becomes lethargic- two moving and the fish will die within 24 hours and the slow moving that the fish can recover from.
This bacteria is in our tanks at all times just waiting for the right conditions to attack our fish, reasons for an outbreak-poor water quality, stress, sudden rise in temp, to name a few....

Best natural treatment, lower the water temp to 74-76F range, this bacteria thrives in high temps, add an air stone to increase aeration flex doesn't like lots of oxygen, daily water changes, aquarium salt 1tsp/gal up to 3tsp/gal, high protein food laced with garlic juice.
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I got the temp down to 74 right now.
Tank is still less than half full.
No Rocks
Got a betta log for him to rest in so he is closer to the surface.

Got Mardel brand Maracyn to treat him with everyday.

Im scrubbing the tank and his log everyday, then adding this medicine and aquarium salt.
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