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Unhappy Perpetual Fin Rot Mystery


I am new to the website, and figured you more experienced folks could perhaps aid me with a problem I'm having with my betta baby!

The problem started as normal fin rot, which I felt I could easily handle- slight shredding- that I treated with just some good old fashioned water changes. It was cured.

Long story short, his fin rot returned and I've been dealing with Floyd's rot for over a month; I've tried many treatments, and I'm very frustrated and worried. It seemed to have gotten worse, with red around the edges. After treating it with one drop per day of BettaRevive found at my local petstore, I suspect he has become resistant to the medicine because he is no longer healing at all.

Two days ago, I gave up with the meds and started doing 50% water changes with a teaspoon of aquarium salt mixed in for Floyd's one gallon tank. I am leaving the light off to both calm him and discourage the growth of bacteria.

Today, I looked into his tank to check on him, and the red tips of his tail have apparently fallen off, and now he just has his tail with spines trailing off.

I'm very worried because I'm not sure if this is healing or if he has taken a turn for the worse. What does anyone know, and what would you recommend? Thank you so much.

A picture of his shredded fin is attached.

Please help!
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I am so sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I do not have much advice, but wanted to let you know that my last betta had perpetual fin rot too. No matter what I did it came back. I even had him in water that was filtered by reverse osmosis and still battled fin rot with him. However, I just keep treating as best I could and he was with me for two years. I hope someone has an answer for you, but if you haven't already you may want to to get him into reverse osmosis water....usually available at the grocery store.
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I hope your betta gets betta. Try putting some tetracycline. I did some research. Good luck.
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That looks like tail biting. That would explain the ''perpetual'' aspect of it, he just keep biting it and he could be biting it until it is nearly completely gone. The white looks like new fin growing.
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I have treated my betta's fin rot with both BettaFix and frequent water changes. There are a lot of mixed reviews on BettaFix mainly stating that it damages their labrynth organ. What I did was initially treat him with BettaFix (in smaller doses than what's recommended on the bottle) then once I saw white areas (regrowth) I switched over to aquarium salt and frequent changes.

Other things to you have any plants or decor that could be causing the damage to his tail? Even if it seems soft to us it can hurt them. The best advice I ever got for decor was the "panty hose" test. Run a pair of panty hose across the item and if it snags or tears that then it will definatley tear their tail. Try to get plants that have completely rounded edges and check for anything "pokey".

Where is his tank at in your room? Is there alot of commotion around him and people tapping his tank or hitting walls that cause his tank to shake? If he is tailing biting I would make sure he is in a calm area and get him a heater to kill bacteria that could lead to a major infection. I know you can get very small ones that look like suctions cups at PetCo for around $10 ( )

I hope this helps!!
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A heater does not kill bacterias, if it does something it will rather makes them grow faster.
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