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My new Betta


I have a 15 ltr tank with gravel and some imitation plants, and a filter and light.

questions. Is the tank big enough?, should the filter be left on at all times? should i get live plants? can i put in a couple of cold mountain minnows in the tank along with my betta?

Any help would be appreciated before i go and buy my fish tomorrow.

do i need to put any treatment in the water before adding my fish. the tank has been climatising to room temp for the last 72 hours now.the water came straight from the tap, and the filter has been running for 72 hours also.
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Well, let's see...yes, the tank is big enough (although some will say they'd like to see it a little bigger). The flow from the filter shouldn't be "too strong." Bettas like very calm, current-less water and can be disturbed (not always) by a rapid water flow. Water temp. should be around 78-82 degrees F. The White Clouds are a colder water fish, not to optimistic on how they'd do in the warmer betta water. Try to keep a filter running at all times...just make sure your betta is "comfortable" with the current it creates. If the tank's been "operating" the time you indicated all the chlorine should've disapated by now...I'd still hit it with a "water treatment" to be safe! It'll remove any harmful ammonia and metals that may remain in the water. Make sure your "plants" are either real or silk/fabric...plastic can, and will, tear and rip the betta's long fins.

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For a betta, the tank size is fine. For tankmates, I would say no...and this goes for all fish. Others may say different things, that is just my take on it. Snails, MAYBE, shrimp should be fine (if your betta does not mind them).

Filters can be left on at all times. However, if it is too strong (dificulty swimming, swiming against something...) then you need to adjust it, or if that's not possible, buffer it.

Chlorine will kill bettas, or in smaller doses, poison(?) them. I would recommend buying 'Seachem Prime' as your conditioner, as it detoxifies ammonia and nitrites. GEtting water from the tap is good :) Holds more minerals for fish.
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