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Question Betta Tankmates for my new Betta

Hey everybody im new to the forum, ive been reading for weeks tho, i just got my new 16.5 gallon tank:) ready to set it up! cant wait, ill be doing a heavily planted tank with some driftwood, and cant choose between sand or gravel??

Also, ive had a few Bettas before so i know alot about them, although they didnt last very long due to lack of knowledge of their specific needs at the time, anyway i was wondering what tank mates i can add with my betta, Other than Corys and other catfish looking fish. cause he'll look pretty small in the tank alone??? any suggestions.
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Hi, I found a website today and they tell you what other fish can live with your betta. Aslong as they arent intimidating towards the betta and arent colourful or have long fins then they should get along. I havent got a betta im looking to get one so dont take my word for it this is just knowledge from what iv picked up today. Ghost/red cherry shrimp can also live with bettas aswell as african frogs. They can also live with platies, mollies, tetras,
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thanks for the suggestions :D ill go check the website out today, hoping to get the frog tho, dunno where to get it!
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Every pet store I've been into that carried fish has also carried ADFs (African Dwarf Frogs), so unless you're unable to reach one of these stores, I'd try hitting them up first.
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