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Question Confirmation on Water Changes

Okay, so I keep getting conflicting info from different sites. :I So I'ma ask here again.

Freedy's in a 2.5 gallon right now, heated but unfiltered.

First off, should I try to get him acclimated to the filter? I have one, but whenever I try to put it in he seems to go into shock. I just can't stand watching him stick to the filter. I've put it in and taken it out twice now, and he just seems happier without it. What do you guys think?

Also, how frequently should I change the water in this? Right now I'm going to do another 50% change (did one on Tuesday) because while I was gone for vacation he managed to poop enough to give himself ammonia burns on the ends of his fins, despite not being fed and a 50% water change before I left. :( Bad fishy. Poop less when I'm gone. >:I
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Rather than ammonia burns, are you sure it's not finrot? o.0 It sounds more likely that it's finrot. I also have a 2.5 heated non filtered betta tank and was wondering the same about water changes!
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Regardless of filtration IMO/E tanks 6g-to-2.5g need at least twice weekly 50% water changes, with one of the water change the substrate needs to be vacuumed or if you don't have a vacuum use either a turkey baster or stir the substrate to get the mulm up in the water column and dip it out.
IMO-2g and smaller need daily to every other day 50-100% water changes
Water change needs change with stocking level too, more livestock more water changes.
Water change needs change with sick or injured fish to daily 50-100% water changes
In my opinion and experience......

On my 3g and less tanks I don't use filtration and if the filter is causing your fish to stress I would not use it, I would increase my water changes to 50% daily until his fins heal should see improvement within 3-5 days, if not increase the water changes to 80% daily..
Clean fresh dechlorinated water is one of the best medication IMO/E.....
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Hmm, it might be finrot... I already put some salt in just in case it was, and I have some meds on hand if I can't solve it by water changes alone.

50% biweekly, huh.... That'll annoy the roommate, but hey, whatever I have to do to keep him happy.
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