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Brand New Tank - Making the choices

Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum as I've just set up a brand new, 10 gallon tank. Until the tank evens itself out in the next three weeks I will only keep the 3 Platy I have in there now. I also have a few live plants. The tank-setup that I have in mind is:

3 Platy
1 Male Betta
2 or 3 Amano Shrimp

Will this be ok? This is my first tank experience so I've been reading as much as I possibly can. I'm a little worried about my Betta purchase because if he's too aggressive I may not be able to keep my shrimp!

Also: Is my bio-limit up? According to the AqAdvisor I'd also be able to have a small school of neons - but I don't want to push it.

Does this setup seem like it would work well? And is there any way to gauge the temperament of a Betta before purchase? Would I be able to put more live plants in, or will they take up some of the room? I'm sorry I have so many questions, LOL! I just want to do things the right way.

Thanks so much!!
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Mister Sparkle
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I don't do frogs or shrimp, but it looks like that ought to work out pretty well. If you are concerned about aggression and the need for separation, which is a realistic concern, you will probably want to be prepared with a container to move the betta into were that to become a problem.

More plants are good. Make sure you have good light for them.

Probably good that you want to undershoot the capacity a little bit. Stock the aquarium slowly, as your biofilter will need to adjust to the additional load. Monitor water quality (ammonia/nitrite) often, and perform water changes as frequently as you can bring yourself to do them.

Last but not least...have fun! Good luck with your new little community.
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WELCOME! I tried to answer your questions. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask. :D

If your betta doesn't like the shrimp he'll eat them. :) Snack time for him. Don't be surprised if one goes missing, or all of them. It's fine though.

Neons generally need a larger area to swim. I personally wouldn't put them in a 10 gallon.

ADFs also like to be in pairs.

As far as platies, I think they'll be fine with your betta. You'll just have to watch them in case they start getting nippy though. Most bettas will be okay, especially since they'll be in the tank first.

The more plants the better. More hiding spots, more natural filtration, looks better! You really can't lose adding more plants.
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