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Cycling questions

I found a 10g I am hoping to get, but not positive. I read the page on cycling, but I was wondering if I would even need to cycle if I didn't use the filter, or if since it was a 10g I would need to cycle. I would really just like to get the fish lol, but I dont want to kill it, so if I am going to have to cycle I will be doing a fishless cycle. And are there any tricks to making it cycle faster, or do I just have to let it go at its own speed? What if the tank was cycled before? the tank I am looking at I think is used, but not sure (I found it on craigs list.) will it still need to by cycled?
If I don't use a filter in the 10g would I just need to clean it alot more often?
In case I don't get this tank, I will more then likely get a 5g, will that need to be cycled? If I get the 5g more then likely I won't use a filter since I have read some betta just don't like it.
That and I have noticed some people say that their filters were to strong or something like that, and I would perfer to just not have to buy another one. For the 10g or the 5g.
Sorry for posting questians daily, but I am just trying to learn, and keep thinking up questians so please bare with me XD.
And if you guys can think of anything I have missed that I should know about betta, their habits, care, whatever please tell me. If I am going to be making such a big purchase I like to do it right especially when it involves living creatures. So all help is greatly welcomed. So thanks in advance.
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Nitrifying bacteria thrive and multiply best in well oxygenated water, however, in a 5 or 10g tank if you don't want to use a HOB filter get a sponge filter instead. One problem I have seen in the no filter use in 5-10g tanks is the hot and cold spot that are caused from the heater and that makes it hard to get a true temp of the tank, with my Bettas and shrimp they don't seem to mind much and I don't use filters in my 10g spawning tank but I do use plants as natural filter and I don't worry about the cycle per se' as the active plant growth use the ammonia for food.

I buy nothing but used tanks and regardless of what I am told about them I do a leak test and clean them well with a diluted bleach (20:1) I fill them with my diluted bleach water and let them sit for 24 hour to make sure they don't leak, anything can happen from the time they are emptied to transport to your little twist or moving with water in them can break a seal or just old seal to start and once dried out they crack and open up...easy to fix with though......
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Okay, thanks. Maybe I will just get some live plants then.
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Just remember that if you do a live plant "cycle" you have to have LOTS of plants. Bryon posted some very useful information about using plants as filtration in another thread (i'll find the link). One or two plants is not going to cut it.

If you want to actually cycle your tank you could try to get some media or substrate from an already cycled tank and put it in your tank... this method is called cloning. Otherwise you just sort of have to let it run its course. IMO having higher heat (around 82 if your doing fish in 86 if your doing fishless) can speed your cycle because higher temps promote speedier bacteria reproduction.

If you don't filter your tank (or aerate the water somehow) then your going to have to either have plant filtration like OFL mentioned or do 100% water changes about once a month.. including cleaning the gravel.

Also if you plan to have other fish besides bettas a filter *or airstone, etc* would be needed to oxygenate the water.

Edit... here's the link where Byron explains using plants instead of biological filtration
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