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Question Do males have more problems then females?

It seems that males are more likely to get fin rot, ich, or other problems, by readings posts here. Is it because of their longer fins, or because more people just have males then females?

I can't decide which to get, but would like my first one to be less likely go get ailments, if possible.
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Huh! I guess Ur Right!
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I happen to think it's the popularity of males relative to females. It might be that males do get sick more than females, but maybe it's because there are just more males represented than females.
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I think it's the conditions that males are kept in in the pet stores. I know PetSmart keeps females in the same, filthy little medicated cups as males, but every other pet store I've been in keeps them together as a sorority in a big, filtered, heated tank. So I think it's because males are stuck in much worse conditions, in general, than the females, since the males need to be kept apart.
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I think it's because they have longer fins. Females have shorter fins than males. Long finned fish will bite their tails so only males will bite. None of the females I've had have had fin related issues. Like any fish, they can and do get sick. Females are a lot more spunkier and will get into everything and anything they can. If you think that they can't get through something, they They can jump really high too; so can males. I would suggest that you get a male first, but it's totally up to you. They're both the same maintenance.
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I'm going to add my vote to the "Males appear to have more health problems due to their higher popularity" option. I have had a number of each gender and I have never seen my males display an increase in health issues compared to the females. Even when I'm out and about at the local stores, I see plenty of each with their own problems.

Most likely, we just hear about male health issues more because they are, in fact, more popular. After all, nearly all of us keep males...but not all of us keep females. It's only natural that our posts would center around what we have the most of.
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