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Water question

Today my bettas each made their first bubble nest. I have owned them for over a month and they have never made one. They are in a divide 5 gallon tank and i am ve4ry good about the water changes. Today i noticed on the surface of the water was an almost glossy film over the top and was sort of reflecting a rainbow almost like gasoline in a puddle. I know its not gasoline or anything like that because nothing has been spilled. I was wondering if this was something natural im unaware of or what. Any help or knowledge would be awesome!!
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Most likely organic that are harmless, you can use a paper towel and lay over it and soak it up or add an air stone to break it up.
Keep up with the 50% weekly water changes and substrate vacuuming and it may go away in a month or so and sometimes it will stay for longer but it is harmless to the fish just unsightly to us, also adding floating plants like water lettuce or duck weed can help some but not always to absorb some of the nutrients/organics.
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Mister Sparkle
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The 2 most likely causes are the fat-content of the flake food you provide, or you just ate some greasy food yourself! Not a big concern in most cases. Oldfishlady's got you covered on getting rid of it.
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For me, this seems to be common in indisturbed water. Do you have any kind of filter?
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Yes i do have a filter, its an aqua tech power filter with a piece of a soda bottle curved around the outflow to break up the stream. It is a fairly calm tank but definatly not completely still.
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