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I've always had a thing for that cobble ever since I saw it in a tank of Hadouken's several months back. It really does a lot for a tank, in my opinion. I especially like that yours is very distinctly two different sizes.
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Mister Sparkle
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Originally Posted by xxabc View Post
On the temperature, I must disagree. Keeping temperature stable in a 5 gallon is quite easy (or at least not a difficult task), especially those with a lower surrounding temperature (room temp). The heater is able to pull up the temperature to the minimum it is set to if surroundings "cool it down."

The main problem (for me, at least) is keeping it down (I live in the south). This is the only problem with "stability" I have, but even then, it's not shifting too much. The preset heater is set to 78 +/- 2, and mine stays around 78-79.

Mister Sparkle, also keep in mind: money! It's true, the larger the better in terms of nearly everything. Except...price. Let's face it, a good bunch of people are not interested in spending the money on "one little fish." Either that, or they don't have the money either (if they don't, it's debatable if they should even get a betta, but it ends up working out anyway). Sure, nearly everything is much better and/or easier in the bigger tank, but "What?? $300? No thank you!" Like I haven't heard this before ;).
Good points. 5-gallon is probably about the border of where I'd say stable heating becomes easy. On a 1-gallon, it's very difficult. Some people try to leave a light bulb on it, which leaves much to be desired. I use a heat-pad made for reptile terrariums, stuck to a separate piece of plexiglass. I adjust the placement to accommodate the need for higher or lower temps. It's a lot of adjusting to get it just right...and THEN the weather changes on us! lol

For your summertime problem, one old trick you may already be aware of is to remove the hood and blow a small desktop-type fan across the surface of the water. It will help shave a degree or two off your temps, but you'll have a higher rate of evaporation. As long as you can keep your water from exceeding 87-degrees or so, your fish shouldn't really suffer.

Originally Posted by iamgian View Post
Er, I also posted some pictures of my betta and my set up for those of you interested in looking at it. Should be under my aquariums.
Very pretty fish! Good luck with him!

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Originally Posted by iamgian View Post
Does anybody have any suggestions on what other fish/water creature I can get that would help maintain the cleanliness of the tank? I don't mind having to change it every week or two, that's no biggy. Anyway, comments and suggestions are always appreciated!
I find that otocinclus' work well with bettas. It's a bottom feader so the bettas don't pay much attention to it, and it eats algae so it helps keep the tank clean. They also don't get very big like some other algae eaters, so that's always a plus.
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Depends what you mean on "cleanliness"? Algae problem? Dirt problem? Water changes are always the best, unless I'm missing your point. Getting another fish only adds onto the bioload, and plus they poop normally. But otos are very cute, lol, so it wouldn't bother me.
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Oooh! Beautiful fish and I love your tank (esp the size) :)
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