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Hello everyone!

I just aquired two new bettas which brings the count up to three in total. Two males and one female. All three bettas live in a divided up 10 gallon filtered/heated tank. The tank has been up and running for over a year housing my single male veiltail up until this point. All water parameters are good and water temp is usually 80 degrees, but has been turned down to 74 given my current situation. The older male that has been living in this tank has never been sick a day in the year I have owned him. :)

Last week I bought a young male crowntail and a young female from Petsmart. The female is doing great and has no issues. The young male however developed a small patch of white fuzz between his eyes and on the top of his back, by his fin. This showed up several hours after his arrival home. (his cup water was just discusting!)

Now because they all share the same tank, I immediately put the new female and my older male into seperate holding cups. So far they are showing no signs of anything icky, and it's been more than four days. :) The young male with the fungus is bright, active, eating, and over all seems very healthy. I am currently on the second dose of API Fungus Cure right now as the directions indicate. The fungus is going away but VERY slowly. At this point the fuzziness has gone away and the scales that were fuzzy seem to be white/grey. (carbon filter has been removed FYI) Tomorrow the treatment will be over with and I will need to do a 25% water change to the tank and re add the carbon,... again, as directions indicate.

My question,.... Do you think that my little guy will be okay with fighting off the rest of the fungus on his own without the meds? And what is a normal heal time to get rid of a body fungus? Any other suggestions are welcome. Thank you bunches!!!!
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Not sure what course of action you took but the correct course of action is to always always ALWAYS treat bacterial (fungus is just a euphemistic name, true fungus is quite rare in aquaria) infections for 10 days. Most back-of-the-box instructions say 5 but it has been agreed among hobbyists that a minimum of 7 days is required to fully eliminate the bacteria.

The reason is that if you stop treatment before every last bacterium is eliminated there is a good chance that the bacteria will come back, this time resistant to the antibiotic you were using before. If you have already stopped treatment, I would use a different antibiotic if/when it comes back.
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Thank you Kelly for your reply. I used API Fungus Cure.

Directions are as follows:

(For each 10 gallons of water empty one packet directly into aquarium. Repeat dose after 48hrs. Wait another 48hrs then change 25% of the aquarium water and add fresh carbon or replace filter cartridge.)

Update,.... Male is doing well. After doing the water change and re adding the carbon, I added aquarium salt. The fuzziness is gone and the white/grey area left on his scales is becoming less and less everyday. He continues to be a happy, active guy. He is even building a bubble nest!
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