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3 albino corys, one male betta and...

So I was thinking about adding one more species to my list of fish in my 10 gallon aquarium. Right now I'm looking at those glofish that are colored orange, green and red, two of each. Would these provoke the Betta in anyway? Is getting six more fish not really advised? I understand that I should get more plants, and I will, this time not from the tubes. My betta and my catfish get along, my betta likes to chase one of them around and it likes to do the same to my betta, but they haven't nipped at eachother, so I think it might be a good chance that this betta would get along with other fish as well.

Thanks in advance!
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The glofish are just gentically modified zebra danios. I've had some in with my female betta before and they were fine. They're fast little guys.

It really depends on you. I think if you're religous with your water changes, then yes, you can get 5-6 more fish. Some people would say that it's overstocked, but it'll be okay. And plants help your case too.
But maybe think about instead getting more cories! They're fun little guys especially when there is more than 3 in a group. They get all crazy. Lol.
Good luck.
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Yeah my brother seems to have an obsession with corys haha. I caved and decided to get one more cory fish and about five zebra danios. My betta had fun chasing them but nothing too aggressive went on. I think this kingdom is complete. Adding anymore would be completely overkill.. though I wouldn't mind adding a few more corys.
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If I could have 50 cory cats in my 10g I would.
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