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Old 04-17-2010, 03:16 PM   #1 
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Question Looking for visually pleasing and efficient tank

I bought my Betta fish Guiseppe about 2 months ago from a pet store. I have been keeping him in a bowl but I want to get him a bigger tank so that he has more space and a heater, and also I was planning to get some other fish (what goes well with bettas?) for company. I want a tank that looks unique and stylish, I've seen three that I've liked online:the biOrb Life 30 Designer Aquarium (a little pricey), Fluval Edge Aquarium set (looks nice but have heard a lot of bad reviews), and the BiUbe aquarium (also heard mixed reviews). I want to be able to put in a couple extra fish (I was thinking maybe a few neon tetras and some sort of bottom dweller(s)) so I need to know what size of tank I need also so everybody has space. I also need something that's easy to work with if you are a beginner, and of course good quality. I wouldn't mind spending a bit more than expected if the tank is worth it (both in looks and functionality).
If anyone owns any of the tanks I've listed above or knows of any other unique and beautiful tanks that I should be looking into, let me know!

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If you plan to add more fish, then my personal choice would be to look for something about ten gallons. It's still an easy size to manage, but it gives you plenty of space to work with. Eclipse is a good brand that looks fairy nice and has plenty of tank sizes to choose from.
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Old 04-18-2010, 05:18 AM   #3 
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Yeah, with what you want, you might want to get at least a ten gallon. I own the Fluval Edge, and to be honest, its beautiful. I've got my crowntail in their nowuntil I get his new home ready. I haven't had any major issues. It's a very unique tank, and since it has the full view, you sacrifice being able to get your hand and arm around the tank as you normally would. Other than's great. 6gal would be enough and it comes with a strong filter.
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Old 04-18-2010, 01:28 PM   #4 
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I personally would never spend the money to get a Biorb or a Fluval edge. Both look Cool, but to expensive for me!

You could get a 12g eclipse tank. They look better then your normal tank and come with a GREAT filtration system!!! Not to big, and not to small either. :)
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Tinthalas Tigris
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For the aquariums you have on your considerations list, it sounds like you're mostly interested in having your tank make itself up as a conversation piece, or a bit of something to tie into the room.

If this isn't the case, and you merely want to get them because they look cool, but you aren't planning on having them for the sake of being conversation pieces, a typical 10 gallon aquarium is just fine.

They can be purchased with a Heater, overhead light, fish food, and beginning substrate for less than 50 dollars at most places.

The only thing I would recommend over anything else woudl be that if you decide to go 6 galllons or more, Get yourself a dedicated Aquarium stand!

My 10 gallon rests on an extremely low night stand next to my computer.

It is great for the toddler niece and nephew when they come over and want to look in on the fish at their height, but its beginning to hurt my back having to lean over so low whenever I want to stare into every aspect of the tank.
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Old 04-19-2010, 03:14 AM   #6 
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The Fluval Edge is exspensive, but it's on sale for 99$ at most Petsmart stores. Tigris is right though, you can get a great starter tank for cheap. I believe most walmarts have a 10 gal setup for around 30$. What I'm doing now is taking a 2.5 gal tank, and adding some stained moulding from Lowes to the plastic on the outside so it gives it a cleaner look. That way it works as a nice tank and a decorative piece. Fluval and Biorb make great conversation pieces though.
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