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I was wondering if my bedroom light would be enough light for the tank, or if I should use the colorful lights in the tank. I got the 3 gallon from walmart that has the colorful lights. The problem is I don't have enough pluggins. i plan to get something so I can plug in more things, but that might be a while. If neither of those things would be good could I just use a basic lamp without a shade next to the tank? or will the bedroom light be fine. I know they need like a night and day cycle, but not totally sure what I should do about that.
Also I noticed a lot of people saying they put aquariam salt in their tanks. What is the purpose of it? How often should it be put in? Is it nessisary? And how much should be put in?
Sorry for all the questains and thanks

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Well unless u have lots of live plants in ur tank, there isnt a need for that much light. ur bedroom light should provide enough of the day/ night light cycle.
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Like Firefly said, if you don't have any live plants, it should be fine.

I use aquarium salt for injuries or tail problems. I leave it in for 10 days, but I do a water change on the 9th day, and another a few days after. Just to be sure not too much is left int the tank. It's not entirely necessary, but it's very popular in this forum, and I always use this first before resorting to medicines. Medicines are always the last to go. As for how "much", there are easy instructions in the back of the carton. There are two sizes as well. The smallest one will do fine for you.
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