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Question Two questions...

First - I seem to be having an issue with Brown Algae in my tank, and need some advice on clearing it up/preventing it. The tank is only a couple months old, but has cycled. Levels are good. It does have slight filtered light from our sliding door, but I keep the blinds closed to minimize that. it also has a hood light that I have been trying to leave off more, but don't want to kill the plants (or make the fish depressed/unhappy).

Second (and most irritating) - my pig of a Betta (think ravenous dog) keeps eating all the Cory food! I have been trying to put it into places I 'think' he won't find it, but he still does. It is driving me nuts, because he keeps getting all bloated, but I don't want to starve the Corys either. Currently I am feeding him the regular Betta pellets and freeze-dried brine shrimp (when he isn't full of Cory food naturally), so he is not starving ;). I am worried about the Corys (and him bloating himself of course), they seem happy, alert and active, but I fear he is stealing all their food! Has anyone had this problem, and if so - did you find a way around it (without taking the Betta out)?

They don't fight or anything - quite the opposite, they seem to be good buddies.. The Betta and Corys all sleep together in the cave I have (it is quite funny actually).

Thanks in advance for any help/advice!!
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Mister Sparkle
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More frequent water changes can usually be the best fix for brown algae (diatoms). It is my experience that the nutrients in the water contribute to it more than light (which would encourage more green algae blooms). You can try to out-compete it with more plants, let it grow in places you don't mind so much (still cleaning it off of stuff wherever you don't like it) so it'll outcompete itself, or you can go to the extreme and get yourself a UV filter. I'll be honest, I don't know how well the UV will work for you. But diatoms are something we all struggle with and it's going to reappear at least periodically no matter what you do.
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I can help with the corys and the betta. Get yourself a breeders cup and put your betta in there when you feed the corys. I do this daily with Tango. He's used to it and I feed him in it so he's very agreeable about the whole thing now. It's SO much easier. They can and will eat until they're ill. I like Lee's three way breeder. It floats in your tank and has a middle plate that you can take out and a bottom grate that's also removable so it's pretty big and it's easier to get them in there.

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