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Old 04-26-2010, 11:03 AM   #31 
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Its ok to disagree with each other but please, let's respect each other's opinions, even if we dont agree with it.
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IMO-(In my opinion) on forms like these most (not all) posters are new in the hobby and are seeking advice and the more experienced hobbyist give advice based on their opinion and personal experience. Some are more passionate than others on what they feel is best husbandry practiced for this species. I have only been here a short time and most of the advice is spot on IMO, maybe not what I would do..but the advice is not wrong IMO.....just their way of doing things that work for them.

One thing I try to do when giving advice is to explain why something needs to be done to give the one asking for help information so that they may learn and find what works for them in their setting. As stated by DQ- "what works for one may not work for another".

IMO as an experienced fish keeper (over 30 years) and breeding this species (Betta splendens) for the past 11 years, my main goal in giving advice is to help the poster to be successful and to stay in this hobby and promote responsible fish keeping.

IMO you have people that "have" fish and those that "keep" fish...a big difference IMO as anybody can have a fish but it takes work and dedication to be a true keeper and hobbyist.

IMO a keeper and hobbyist can be of any age, we all had to start at one point and we all make mistake, the keeper will learn from these mistakes and improve their fish keeping, they will research, listen, learn and improve on their skills with time and experience.

IMO- there is a big difference in a fish that survives-vs-thrives, just because you can doesn't mean you should when it come to responsible fish keeping.

As a responsible hobbyist I want my hobby and the people in this hobby to be successful and giving a new hobbyist the tools for success is important IMO.

I do agree that for the more experienced hobbyist you can successfully keep this species in half gallon tank or less, but as experienced hobbyist we know how important water changes and proper feeding are, often the new hobbyist will not have a full understanding of this or even know how to make water changes...that is why they are here....

They want to know how to properly care for their fish and we the experienced hobbyist need to guide them in the right direction so they can be successful and IMO when the new hobbyist report that they have a half gallon tank we as responsible experienced hobbyist need to guide them to a larger tank to improve their chances of success until they gain a bit more experience and understanding of the importance of water quality and husbandry practice.

There are hundreds of ways to keep fish that thrive in our closed ecosystems we call an "Aquarium" it is finding what works for our systems, fish, source water and the amount of time, money and work we are willing to put into it for healthy-thriving-happy-fish and aquariums........

This is just my opinion...............
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I've had some of my fish in 1G's and they did perfectly fine. BUT, I knew that I had to clean it every other day and that was perfectly fine with me. We usually say to new comers, "bigger is better" because not a lot of people have time to devote to 100% water changes every other day. If you have the time for it, than go for it. But, I do believe that if you have the money and the room, to get a bigger tank than a 1/2G. I wouldn't go anything below a 1G. You would have to clean a 1/2G 100% every day and a lot of people don't want to do that or can't with their work/life schedule.

Sure, they can be kept in smaller bowls/tanks but I would rather give them as much space possible to swim around in. One of my males has a VERY long tail and in a 1/2G there's no way the tail would've survived and thrived. They're also prone to biting their tails being in small enclosures if they're long-finned fish.

Just as a side note...when I had a Cockatiel we bought her a huge Macaws cage. Everyone walked in and saw this small bird in a huge cage and thought it was stupid, but she was so happy and had plenty of room to move in. I also spoil my pets to :)
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Old 05-02-2010, 11:51 AM   #34 
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ra ra a a a

with that out of the way, i keep all my fish in 1-2 gallons tanks, and they all do fine.
Two have UGF's and one has an activated carbon filter.

They all take turns living in the different tanks and they're all happy as can be!

But when the term "bowl" comes into play, then i have a problem with it.
The kits they sell at petsmart where it's 2 fish in about a quart of water is too small for me, and i wouldn't keep anything in there, undivided.
But my fish are completely happy in the 11 and 22 dollar tanks that you find at walmart!
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Old 10-21-2012, 12:22 PM   #35 
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.5 is way too small.
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Old 10-21-2012, 12:28 PM   #36 
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Choclate, this thread is 2 years old.
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Whoops sorry can you lock it please.
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