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Old 06-27-2014, 05:01 PM   #1 
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the frustration..

sigh..the two best females in my sorority, delta and halfmoon no less, are virgins and for the life of me i cannot get them to spawn :/ ive conditioned, reconditioned, left them in for a week and nada. Im beginning to think they will never spawn, but ive got one more trick up my sleeve :/...a week ago i introduced my cellophane female to the black male in the jar for a few minutes for 3 days then isolated them for another two. Put her back in the jar for one day and released her the next and they spawned the same day she was release. She, too, was a virgin. Or i think she was. Im thinking of trying again and doing it like that but with an experienced male..if it doesnt work ima have to keep them solely as pets and its a pity because the one in my signature is the one i wanna breed..her colours would mix beautifully with my multicolour crowntail. Fortunately, ive another female who looks like her identical twin..literaly. They're both exactly the same colour, the only way i can tell them apart is the nips in her tail
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oh wow i know that feel. good luck!
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Yeah some females are like that. I had two batches like that. They take weeks to spawn and once they do, only few to none hatch. I had to keep them in a 60ltr tub and let them do it on their own. Then scoop out the eggs/fry but leave parents in until I was satisfied. Now I have another female (bought) I desperately want to spawn but shows no interest. Fortunately in my case I have tons to spawn . . . well sort of. I have too many males but no good females to pair them with.
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Old 06-29-2014, 04:39 AM   #4 
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one virgin has spawned! Finally lol. I think the problem here was that she didnt like any of my males. Showed her to my lavendar dragon and she showed barely any interest at first. I think the key with virgins is that they need a "docile" male. One that is aggressive enough to make sure she knows her place but gentle enough that he wont rip all her fins male is like that. Barely flared at her though but she's got zero damage to her fins and scales. I also think that some females, like these two, are more fussy about who they spawn with. So the prettiest male might not be her choice of mate, but probably the least attractive male :/
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