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Originally Posted by Vallon
Keep the male separate until you want to mate.

If mating, keep only 1 pair in the tank, usually 10 gallon tank, about 5 inches of water, with some plants. (recommend reading more).

They usually make a lot of babies. Depends on the dad's parenting skills as to how many will hatch, usually at least 10 up to 100 or even more. I have sold raised spawns (2 months) to pet stores before.

Temperature for spawning, around 78 F -80 F. For raising the babies, I keep it at 76-80. You can keep it in the 10 gallon tanks, but one tip, keep the water clean, essential key to growth.
Ok Thank you.
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Originally Posted by Puffy
Originally Posted by Blue
I'd rather stick to the male being a bachelor. Males often get violent and will attempt to kill the female if she is not ready to spawn.

oooo, well thats not good. Well is there any other kind of species that will go good with a betta in a 10 gallon tank? If there is, how many of these fish?


(Can anyone answer any of the other questions I have in the first post?)
I dont know if this has been answered sorry if i repeat someone elses advice. However, this is my opinion on Betta fish compatibility. ONE male betta fish can go into a tropical community fish. The fish have to be small docile community fish (example: danios, neons, guppies, oto) as semi aggressive fish will likely pester the bettas fins and stress him and larger aggressive fish will consider the betta an exotic snack. The betta and community fish situation is often debated among fishkeepers as to whether it is a good idea or not. But, I will tell you that I recently read an article in a well known fish magazine that stated that studies have shown the IDEAL betta environment is actually a larger aquarium with air flow that was fairly calm. This best mimics the bettas natural environment. Studies showed that bettas kept in a bowl or small aquarium (1 gal) lived approx. two years and bettas in larger aquariums had stronger muscle mass and lived up to 7 years.
Also, I personally have kept bettas in a variety of tank setups and the worst was the bowl, that betta almost died. in a desperate attempt to save his life i tossed him into the community tank and his behavior turned from lethargic/non eating to an active colorful dashing little piglet. He had never bothered another fish and my fish dont care about him either.

its important though that if you are considering a tank mate for him that may nip consider another option.

hope this helps :)
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just my input, but if you do regular 30% water changes a week and are over filtered(20+ gallon tank filter on your 10 gallon, as in 150 gallons per hour or more) you can safely add 6 ember tetras or 5 neon tetras to the tank with the beta. he shouldn't mess with them too much as male betas normally only go after fish their own size or with long flowing fins(fancy male guppies beware,lol). the ember tetras, if you can find them, stay under a inch. the neons or some cardinal tetras stay under 2" and are not very messy fish, so you should have no problem keeping them with a single beta...just make sure you only feed them small portions once a day, i suggest buying some flake food though, and holding a pinch of it in your fingers under the water so it will sink and let the tetras get some, they can often be intimidated by a large beta at the surface and may not go up for food...thats what i do with my beta in my community tank...sprinkle a pinch on top for the beta, and hold a pinch under water for a few seconds then let go, for my lemon tetras.
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Re: Betta Fish

Originally Posted by Puffy

PS. How many betta pebbles would you feed 1 male in 1 day? (If more than 1 pebble, could you please give me hours in between feedings, thank you)

So many questions Sorry.
I feed mine 7-10 pellets in one day. I feed him once a day. My betta is fat. I feed a pinch of food to my community tank and before the betta can nibble on those meaty flakes i put a pellet or two near him, he likes those more luckily as flakies can hurt their bellies. then when he gulps those down i add one or two more. until hes eatin about 7-10 and he usually loses some interest or slows down in catching and i know hes done. Just some helpful advice... i dont know what other pet stores have but this particular pet store i know..their best betta food is Betta Bio Gold by hikari. Check the back of betta food packages for higher proteins and less fat. higher protein and lower fat percentages are better foods. Also, try a aquaglo light in his tank MAN THOSE COLORS SHINE. :D
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