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tank friends?

Okay so when I do get a bigger tank I was wondering about two things. One..can female betta go together I know some people say you can while others say you can't. Two are there any other fish or creatures you can put in with a male betta?
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Female bettas can live together in a sorority but you have to have at least a 10 gallon tank with lots of hiding places like plants and decorations. You have to have 4-6 females and you have to monitor them for awhile to make sure there sn't too much violence. There will be nipping and chasing while they are establishing a pecking order.
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This is a suggestion,....

I have a 10 gallon tank that is divided into 3 spacious condos. I have two male bettas,... one on each end. In the middle condo used to live a female betta, but sadly she died about a week after purchasing her. I have replaced her with a Flame Honey Dwarf Gourami. My males LOVE the gourami!!! I think that they believe that the gourami is a female betta! They both have built large bubble nests and are eating like little piggys!! I am pretty sure that my dwarf gourami is a male as well. His colors are very vibrant and rich. The gourami seems to rather enjoy the bettas company as well. :) The dwarf gourami (in general is known for being a bit shy) but mine is every bit as personable and sociable as my bettas,... maybe even more so!!! It is a great set up and the best part is that everyone has their own space and is safe!!!
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As dramaqueen answered the question about the females I'll try and cover your second question as best I can. I am new to bettas but from what I have researched and learned on here male bettas can live in a community tank, mine is doing quite well with peppered cory cats, neon tetras and a mystery snail but not all bettas will get along with these fish, so you will need to look out for any aggresive behaviour. Some people put shrimp in with their male but I didnt want to risk it as bettas can find shrimp as a nice snack plus they are 3 a shrimp so its pretty expensive if your betta is just going to eat them.

Just like the females the male will also need lots of plants and hiding places, not only for the betta but also for cover for the other fish. Most of us on here use ceramic pots, if you use this then make sure you block the hole with aquarium sealant, what I have done is threaded a thin grass like plant through the hole and theres no way a fish can get through.

Like I said I'm new to bettas and the more experienced members on this forum will probably cover the more advanced stuff for you =)

Hope this was some sort of help =)
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