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Best size tank for a betta to thrive?

There's debate raging through the site with regard to the optimum or best size tank or container for a betta to thrive? I thought I knew...wrong again! I truely would like to know if this issue has a definitive answer? Cause I DON"T know now! Whatcha Think?
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It's difficult to say 100% what's better because some people have had them in the tiny vases and their bettas survived 4 or 5 years. Than you have people who have them in 5Gs or 10Gs and they live 4 or 5 years. I believe it's all in how you go about the tank/bowl you have for your betta. I had some of mine in 1Gs and they did perfectly fine, BUT when I moved them into 2.5G tanks they loved the space. Since most bettas are long-finned they should be in a big enough container that will accommodate that. If not, you will probably get fin curling.

Also, it all depends on what fits your lifestyle. If someone who knows nothing about bettas, buys a 1G tank and only cleans it once every month, the betta will die. But if you clean it every day, than your betta will be fine. If you have a busy lifestyle and you don't have time to clean tanks, than a bigger tank would be recommended. Sure, they can live in small quarters, but I would rather have mine in more space so they can swim around and their fins can grow fully.
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i toally agree with BettaxFishxCrazy
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Old 04-29-2010, 07:27 PM   #4 
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Since ths can be a contraversial subject, let's respect each others opinions, even if we don't agree, please.
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1000 gallon tank, heavily and densly planted, heated, with a one of those systems that constantly keeps the water flowing and clean 24/7 would be quite nice. But you know, that's a little ... far. Haha.

5 and 10 gallons seem to prove themselves nice. Once it reaches 20 gallons, you feel the need to ... add something else in there. Because betta's don't seem to take up 100% of the space (do they?). I feel that if you gave a betta all the space in the world, and it was properly heated and planted, he would not use all the space. Why? He's territorial. He needs to "own" something, and it's doubtful he will be able to "own" the entire world on his own. So... it does stop somewhere.

Don't forget, money will always be some sort of limiting factor in allowing any kind of pet to "ultimately thrive."

And like I said in the other post - There will probably never be a definitive answer. People have proven healthy, healthy bettas in smaller bowls, but at the same time you get the same (or arguably better) results in larger tanks.

Also, I think we should keep one sort of "control" here.

Let's assume every single tank we're hypothetically speaking of is cleaned with a proper water-cleaning schedule, and/or is cycled properly, is heated properly, etc etc etc - All that is needed to properly maintain their health.

Of course if a 1 gallon bowl isn't cleaned properly, then that's just not going to work and there would hardly be debate. If it was cleaned/heated properly - that is where the debate begins.

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My cousins betta live in one of those betta hex tanks for a year or two. She cleaned the water maybe once every two weeks. No heater what-so-ever. Me on the other hand had a ten gallon tank, with a heater, my fish died after a few months, now granted it wasn't my fault and the other fish I put in had a disease. Now my cousins betta lives in a two gallon tank. I have to do all the water changes though. She left him in there without doing a water change for TWO months. Poor Willy.

IMO as long as you have a 5 gallon tank with a heater, proper water changes, many hiding spots, calm waters, nice environment for a betta fish, your betta will thrive. There is no need for fancy big tanks, although your betta will like the room, they just aren't that needed.
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I was always told that a bigger tank keeps them healthier. Not so much on this forum but on another forum I used to go to I would hear people say that they had a betta that was living in his own heated, fltered tank with pristine water conditions but their fish had fin rot, velvet, ick, columnaris or whatever. Why, if they are kept in a big tank with pristine water conditions, would they get sick? I thought that was the whole point of keeping them in bigger tanks.
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Old 04-29-2010, 08:05 PM   #8 
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I think if you can maintain a clean, warm, home for a betta. The size of the tank isn't as important as the other two.

I personally don't go under 2g. I do this weird thing where I close my eyes and imagine myself in this tank and what i'd do all day. LOL I know it's REALLY odd. If I wouldn't be happy in the tank, I won't put my fish in it.
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I've had bettas in one gallons before with no trouble but that was heated and water changed regularly. My new betta tank is two gallon but it's built in a way that gives him much more swimming room, athough some of that space is taken by plants which he loves to swim around and rest on. The tank is filtered and heated, and cleaned by a tiny almost invisible army of otos and ghost shrimp (3 each) while Nemoy might ony realy use half the tank and has his favorite spots, at least he has the space and choice of where he likes
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Please be aware betta lovers...I wasn't trying to "stir the poo" with this thread. I've kept fish since I was a kid, but I'm new to the betta deal. I am truely trying to see how the experienced "betta folk" feel about the size of tank used. I have 6 already, I've split a 10 gallon into a "4 plex," and bubble nests are in my future...Just trying to learn from you all.
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