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Question What fish is able to go with a betta peacefully>?

I have many Questions but i need not many Answers because i do a lot of research but none of my research ever says which type of fish i can put in with a betta

So i was wondering what are some of the fish that i can put in with a male betta???

Another Question that wasnt answered in the reseacgh was what kind of fish besides female bettas will help keep the female sorority occupied???

My last questions are, are deviders really good for the they not stress them out...

And can stress kill bettas???

im sorry im probably not looking too much into research or something because i just cannot find any of these Questions answered...

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We all learn by asking questions and I should know, since I post to this forum on an hourly basis lol.

What type of fish can go with a male betta?

This all depends on the size of your tank, if your tank is fairly large and over 10 gallons with hiding places and heavily planted you could put tetras and corydoras, pygmy corys are better since they are smaller but be warned tetras are quite nippy and could injure your betta but the betta could also kill the tetras, I never had any problems with these fish with my male. If your sceptical about adding the tetras then maybe you could stick with bottom dwellers such as loaches, cory cats, snails but the snails poop a lot and can add to your bioload.

What types of fish can occupy a female sorority?

Unlike male bettas females get on with most fish, thats not to say they arent aggressive some say females are worse than males but again I haven't had a problem. With a sorority you will need to have 6-7 females I have four and can't wait to add more, also a heavy planted tank with hiding holes.

Are dividers good for the bettas?

The bettas are known to get stressed when they can see another male on the opposite side but if your willing to leave the bettas "argue it out" then they will get over it. It just might be a bit tormenting to watch. Also with dividers make sure the betta cant jump over to the other side as they are well known jumpers. If you dont want to do this then you can separate the bettas and put another fish in the middle of them, preferably not a female as you will have the same problem.

Can stress kill bettas?

Yes, too much stress can kill all fish. You can buy stress coat from the store and just add it to your water with every water change.
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