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Question This little guy needs a name!

Hello everyone! This is my very first post on here so I'm sorry if it doesn't turn out so well. But here it goes!

I need some help naming my male betta. I've had him for a couple months now; he's a very laid back little guy (some of my femals from my soroity were much bigger and more aggressive then him!), a halfmoon, white with a teal blue tint when the light shines on him and a purple spot on his fin, and is in need of the perfect name! I'm kinda picky when it comes to names. Not a big fan of really common names or any of those cutesy names. I want something unique and majestic yet powerful in a way (if that makes any sense). I'm just having trouble thinking of the perfect name.. Any ideas? Or, if you'd like, you can list some of your fish names below so I can get some inspiration

Some of my past males have been: Marvel (my FAV! A white, blue, and purple crowntail, His coloring was marvelous and I had seen a marvel movie the day I got him), Orlando (my other FAV! A grey and white doubletail "rescue" from walmart. Wanted to name him Legolas but then went with the actor that played him, Orlando Bloom), Malibu (an orange and white veiltail. Reminded me of a sunset on the beach), and Sergeant (Sarge for short; a beautiful blue halfmoon plakat. He was HUGE and very aggressive so I thought it worked!). For some reason thats all I can think of, but those are some of the names I've picked for my boys.

I was thinking of some greek mythology names or some names from movies. I even thought of Apollo or Jasper, but they both seem to be pretty popular names. Any thoughts or ideas would be so greatly appreciated!

Sorry the picture doesn't show him very well. It's the only good pic I have and I'm too embarrassed to take a pic of him now (he's been tail bitting like crazy and he looks horrible)
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Ah, I know that frustration! Felix certainly doesn't look like he does in my avatar pic right now.

Have you thought about constellations? Maybe name him after a white star? I do like astronomy names.

I suggest Mintaka in particular. It is the faintest star (actually star system) in Orion's Belt, and is comprised of a white and a blue star. (

You can also browse this list.

And these.

Hope that helps!
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